Sandals says No to 50th Independence

Sandals Barbados says “Hell No”!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SANDALS BARBADOS — Dear Naked, in this our 50th year of independence and the white man still has us by the throat.  Now with all the pomp and pageantry building up to our silver jubilee, some of us are forced to be pale and unpatriotic.  With almost every company in Barbados allowing staff to wear the 50th Anniversary Independence logo shirts, SANDALS BARBADOS is telling staff HELL NO!

They have told the staff that come Independence day, they must be attired in either blue, yellow or black PLAIN polo shirts.  Nothing that commemorates our anniversary-PLAIN!

How you build on Barbadian soil but don’t want to show your patriotism??  The meagre independence decorations they have up around the hotel is just for show.  Why is it that every company is embracing our Independence except for SANDALS BARBADOS?? They said it is either PLAIN shirts or UNIFORMS!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Sandals Barbados says “Hell No”!”

  1. Ask minister Sealy about that. Serves us all right. Sealy threw everything at Sandals.Why? Cos when their asses get kicked out he will have somewhere to get his money. Stinkler, Lowe, Lashley and stupid Kellman know which source their bread will get butter best.


  2. De:28:48: Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the LORD shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee.



  3. If you are celebrating “so called” independence then you have a slave mentality. Let me give you an analogy. You take a dog and tie him to a table for a good amount of time. For a while he will try to break the chain and get away but after some time passes, he will not resist. Then you take the chain off, he will not move from that position. That is what has happened to Barbadians. Just like the dog, when the chains came off we had already accepted our position and condition. Then they topped it off with something called independence, gave us a flag and a black government. Now we are totally destroyed. We no longer have the desire to flee our condition and think that the way we are living is normal.


  4. First, as already stated this place is not independent. Second, although not officially like embassies (unofficial doesn’t stop them from being a law unto themselves does it), sandals isn’t a part of this concept of barbados, cuz that’s all it is, an idea, a vision, a plan being executed on this rock, which was here thousands of years before any white person existed. If you buy into it you slave voluntarily. If you don’t, you slave against your will til the rest wake up, or you leave. Or die.
    Third, wha you really celebrating? All you hear when you ask is things that would have happened anyway, mainly in terms of better material living. That’s called progress, not independence.


  5. SANDAL’S IS Faking Correct! the White Man Knows Barbados aren’t independent ! LOOK UP The Word ! Independent and Independence in the Oxford’s Dictionary ! and get back to me .


  6. I’ve said it and I’ll say it over and over again , Barbados is the most ” stupidest ” ( if there is such a word ) island in the Caribbean . Why are the beloved politicians letting Sandals get away with this ?


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