Sexual Predator Anderson St. Clair Mayers

Anderson St Clair Mayers Compromised an Eight Year Old?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SEXUAL PREDATOR — ANDERSON ST. CLAIR MAYERS — Mayers has been brought under the microscope as being an accused sexual predator of extremely young children.

The Wildey, St Michael resident was recently released on $7,000 bail on a charge of serious indecency involving an eight-year-old girl.

November 26, 2016 at 5:09 am — “Hammie u sign bail fa he for what he accuse of doing n people did less than thau and u no them but u did not sign bail all happen that no one wanted to sign but u did man u should no better but u don’t u got to be and Idiot sign bail for he?”  Lennox Hewitt

Who is this ‘Hammie’ who signed bail for Mayers?  Are they birds of a feather?

“Naked, Hamilton Lashley, also known as Hammie La is a former DLP/BLP/DLP (loll) Government minister. They called him a grasshopper because he kept hopping over to whichever party was in power.”

“Naked, Anderson has a sister name Shelly Mayers who was a former miss pine and wildey beauty queen who spend 10 yrs for drugs.  She use to work for Rick the drug man that got shot by Lucky Horse Shoe.  He also has a brother that did a murder a few years ago.  All of them children’s wrongdoing caused the mother to have a stroke a few years ago.”

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Anderson St Clair Mayers Compromised an Eight Year Old?”

  1. Please keep the children in safety keep…they are loyal sons & daughters all. Molestation of the youth is destruction on the Nation (B’dos) .


  2. HAMMIE LA! Have to be bulling this Sick bit#h to free him back to Society, to repeat !WHERE is the Father’s and Uncle’s of these Abused Children , Why are these Men allowed to Walk in a Court Under Police Escort Without the Peace being disturbed With the Sound Off Gun Shott’s in the Criminal’s head’s ! Escort or no Escort ! Why are they allowed to Walk the Street’s Without dynamite being thrown at them ! Come around my daughter any One Of You !and See Bad Man in Action ! ! ! ! ! One Result ! Murrrrrrrrrrder . I Seriously going to form a CHILD ABUSED HIT SQUAD! ! ! ANYONE THAT Assassinate Child Rapists would be Paid a bounty on each Head! It’s the Only Way to bring Order !$2000 Per Head! Bad Man! ! ! ! ! BAJAN to the bone /////////// 2016.


  3. That’s why these predators have been walking around interfering and sexual abuseing children of Barbados for years,Cause it’s people that can do something about it does be indulging in it to. some in fact a lot of men does get a grove off of haveing sex with a young underage children and think that haveing sex with children cured diseases .goverments don’t give a dam about the unfortunate like children pensioners disabled sick .
    I willing to go to Dodd for anyone that f. Around mine and I don’t want no bail .


  4. Who is hammie? Is it Hammie La? Boss don’t come here with half ass stories you’re not talking to your friends how we supposed to know who’s hammie ? Don’t be a freak leh we know the name or keep off the people blog


  5. They just don’t feel Child Abuse is worth their time that a big minister could sign bail for a pedophile and rapist Stupess got to be birds of a feather


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