Fidel Castro is Dead

Fidel Castro is DEAD

CUBA (Naked Departure) — FIDEL CASTRO — Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro, one of the world’s longest-serving and most iconic leaders, has died aged 90.

His younger brother and successor as president Raul Castro announced the news on state television.  Naked Departure

No where on earth, is the geo-political landscape for African integration more evident, than in Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica. The relevance of the father of geo-political self-determination and collectivism for the people of the Caribbean,, is lost to this earth, but not to time. His excellency Fidel Castro now belongs to the ages, but history will judge him, the same way it has judged Lumumba, Kenyatta, Mandela, Nyerere, Nkrumah, Barrow, Williams, Manley, Garvey. Burnham. Please understand that freedom fighting is long, arduous, and lonely. Let the voices of the ancestors guide comrade Castro to the valley of the righteous. Long live the revolution, forever live FIDEL CASTRO. FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE, and there can never be JUSTICE without “Us.”   Victor Callender

13 thoughts on “Fidel Castro is DEAD”

  1. While his modish Western admirers liked to call him ‘Fidel’, the despotic President Castro’s frightened subjects dared not speak his name. They feared they would be overheard by ever-present secret police spies who made East Germany’s Stasi look like amateurs.

    Glancing around nervously, they would mime either a beard or a set of epaulettes, before speaking in whispers about the tyrant who dominated every aspect of their hungry, censored lives.

    No wonder. The ‘Committees for the Defence of the Revolution’, present in every workplace, school and street, watched everyone, reported every word out of place and ruined the lives of those who spoke out of turn.

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  2. This is the real reality for Cubans living under these monsters.

    When asked what they thought about the sudden passing of Fidel Castro, a group of young women began to giggle. One of them, who asked to be identified just as Laura, didn’t seem shocked by the news.

    “He was old already. It was his time,” she said. “Does anyone know how he died?”

    Laura’s friend, Camila, asked, as she looked suspiciously around and then admitted, “I’ll have an opinion when that policeman over there stops looking in our direction.”


  3. Fidel Castro was a facking tyrant.

    This monster was asked by a Reporter years ago why so many women in Cuba have to sell their bodies.

    His reply was at least most were college graduates.

    Whilst he and his family including Raul his brother and current leader of Cuba lived like kings, the population lived in constant fear and poverty totally controlled by a repressive government to its Cuba citizens.

    Neighbour pitted against neighbour to spy to see if anyone was bad talking the regime where if informed would be arrested and thrown in jail for years.

    Cuba is the North Korea of the West.

    Why you think that so many thousands lost their lives at sea trying to flee to Miami by boat risking jail if they were caught before leaving Cuba and death at sea.

    Is it normal for citizens of any not to be able to travel without being arrested who have no criminal records?

    This man is no hero he was/is a monster to millions of Cubans who fear the ramifications of being truly free and living in an island which was like a prison.

    Modern day Western North Korea.





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