Mother Shot Baby Shot - both are now dead

Five-Month Old Baby Shot!

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — IN JAMAICA, revenge and a baby in the room do not change what gunmen set out to do!  A mother was shot and killed and her five months old baby shot and injured during a gruesome attack by unknown assailants in her St James community on Friday morning.   Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Five-Month Old Baby Shot!”

  1. That’s Why I Laugh When I here JAMAICAN’S Artists Singing About Love and African Queen ! Bunch Of Low Life Criminal’s and Hater’s and Coward’s Fighting and Killing Women and Children all the Facking Time
    Come and Fight With Me ! A Real Bad Man! Let Me Show Wanna What hour it really is , DEATH ! to Child Murderer’s ! and Women Killer’s Piece Of Shit Wanna is .Bad Man ! ! ! ! ! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! 2016///////


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