Leona of QEH

Leona the Druggist who works at QEH

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  – LEONA OF QEH — Naked, let me tell you about this drug lord here one name Suga Cakes.  Naked that money laundering ***** is nothing but a f**pest and a destructive b****.   She works at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in administrations and god knows how she got that job.

An illiterate jack*** she is and nobody bout here in like umm.  Her accessory store Jewellery Kingdom upstairs the Fruit Mall in Bridgetown is a front for the drugs she is push for Cook Food and de Red Sea Boss.  On a plane every other week and bringing back in loads of cocaine in she gusts.  I wish one would bust in yah, wicked *****.

It’s a pity she know so much and causes so much strive with us here at the hospital and in know that she should check herself and what she produce her son.  Sweet loving child but because of the drugs she took while pregnant with him cause him to be not so normal.  Keep out of New York that is what and I hope de police reading this and hold yah on yah next trip.

Then your bragging shall stop.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Leona the Druggist who works at QEH”

  1. Wuna jealous, pop down n beat out nuh wonder wuna a got so much to say if I was miserable lonely n starving I would try to pull down the people that doing it big to bad wuna Int got the heart to tell she to she face smfh


  2. Lawd d Lawd not me bosie I’m not into drugs love would take a panadol or two every now and then. Is that a pic of her? Who did that make up? She looks like a female joker from Batman


  3. That is my left hand Clark ,look ya jealous of she she does dress very nice and she look real good.she does write on my card to sweet .
    You does work with her why de hell ya don’t tell she what ya got to tell he to her face ya don’t think that will be better .but no ya grudge she I does admire her I does wonder if she look so sweet in she work clothes how she looks when she go out to party.stop telling lies she can’t be traveling so if she working how she get de time ,leave de woman.


  4. Leona yah dangerous rat. stop swallowing the drugs. wicked b.

    its a pity your so wicked and always know fah people.

    ask yourself where the doctor man yah breed fah run and gone with he wife. hot pt sl.


    1. this Adrian could only be the druggist.

      somebody want to be in the stink p w business. stop selling and swallowing de drug lord drugs.. faking u cut face unshapeable b. all you do is f young boys fah them money. yah c


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