Limegrove smells like wet dogs

Limegrove Cinemas Smell like wet dogs

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LIMEGROVE — Hello!  This forum may be a convenient and efficient way to relay information specifically to Limegrove (Cinemas) in St. James.  I would just like them to know that they need to wipe the seats, change the AC filters and use an effective deodorizer–pink grapefruit seems to appeal to the olfactory senses of most people.

Hell!  I am a white person but the place just smells like white folks that don’t take pride in bathing…a mixture of wet dogs and something fermenting. Concerned Visitor.  Tell it like it is–Anonymous

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Limegrove Cinemas Smell like wet dogs”

  1. How you know dem ain got it so on purpose because that’s how their “high end clientele” like it? Might be using “damp-mongrel/ caucasus cave” scented air freshener and cleaning once a week just like how them does bathe


  2. Combermere has been closed down because it is smelly. Louis Lynch school has been abandoned because it was smelly. The National Insurance building on Fairchild Street was closed down because it was smelly. Almost every week we hear of some Government building temporarily closed ,due to environmental problems. How come that the musty smelling Lime Grove Cinema is still functioning? For the very reason why the uncouth and indisciplined ZR staff and system are still functioning. We complain, but continue to patrionise both of them.


  3. Deal With ITT Paul Altman ! and all the Light’s that are Out! I went Over there Friday Night! LOUIS VUITTON have about Five of it’s bulb’s Out ! on their Sign ! and about Four Of the front Perimeter Light’s are Out! deal With ITT.


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