Mia Mottley

Mia Mottley

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — MIA MOTTLEY — Naked, instead of Mia trying to placate the majority black population who in their numbers will determine whether she is allowed to govern the country or left to be in opposition for another 10 years, she is busy placating the minority business people whose tiny numbers cannot determine whether she is allowed to be prime minister or not and most of whom are the same decades old corrupters and bribers of the current and former government ministers, unfairly acquiring taxpayer contracts to steal from taxpayers using schemes and scams, disenfranchising the black majority, committing crimes to which they suffer no consequences and keeping the island stagnant with an international reputation for now being corrupt. These same business people are just waiting to continue the same corruption with Mia and her ministers as the below comment highlights so accurately.

Mia needs to expose more of this corruption that she knows is taking place within the government against the people, she needs to call names and shake things up. A minority of business people is not a large enough population to vote her government in, she should know this, so trying to appease them and kiss ass is useless if you do not appease the majority who have the voting power.

Many of those business people Mia is trying to placate are also involved in the corruption with the same government ministers and are patiently awaiting their turn to continue the corruption, the decades old stealing from taxpayers and disenfranchisement of the majority population using Mia and her government ministers.

The majority voters now know all of this, so she better get it right, either placate the majority voters by exposing more of the corruption in the DLP government and push harder for their prosecution or wait another 5 years to be elected…that’s the bottom line.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Mia Mottley”

  1. Anonymous
    November 26, 2016 at 12:45 pm
    The DLP can post all the negative tripe they can invent but their days are numbered…..leave Mia alone!!!@@@@

    Anonymous,You need to do your home work and stop being a love with a crook .Mia with the UDC and NHC did all things in land and money laundering with Owen and herself,Today we have the road map they used on the lands of Barbados, The DLP came in to office and instead of exposing her, they opp for doing what she help started in a bigger ways more and more greed to greedy,
    Its time you study Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles , If you dont know you better ask somebody.
    Mia need to be in Deep Jail.


  2. Who’s the freak that post this nonsense? My friend were you living under a rock? Mia is more corrupt than half of the Dlp ministers combined you really think she’s what Barbados needs at this time? You think Mia now come town her head is shoved so far up the asses of those business people that she could only come out smelling like shit. Mia had about 10 years under Owen another cunt sell out Barbados to the white people and then turn around and gave them knigjthoods. Mia was lawyer for many of these scammers took thousands from Leroy Parris when she and Owen nearly come to blows cause they weren’t sure if the money was for the party or their personal accounts. Owen pocketed that money was over 100.000 I could go on but I’ll stop here. I’ll just say this Mia Motley is bad for Barbados I would vote for the BLP but under another leader if not ya could as well lef in big nose fumble and d tax gang


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