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Naked, I am not a slave

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked Departure, stop calling me a slave.  I does work hard and sometimes when I don’t get paid I don’t get on like the rest of them.   Them does behave like ******* around here sometimes.  You see me, I speak good and I does behave myself and keep away from all them fren fren cause them does just stab you in the back.

Naked stop calling people slaves! I recent that!  I work for free sometimes and don’t carry on like these dogs round here.  When the time is right, the white man will see the loyalties and I will move up.  That what people all over the world does got to do.  You need to be smart to move ahead in the world.

The people making comments in the blog are bear jokers tho.  Them probably the biggest slaves and want to talk big in the blog.  Thank you Naked.   Anoymus

Naked Departure (Photo; generic)

6 thoughts on “Naked, I am not a slave”

  1. Hello! The following concern may or may not be related to the title of this post but this forum may be a convenient and efficient way to relay information specifically to Limegrove (Cinemas) in St. James. I would just like them to know that they need to wipe the seats, change the AC filters and use an effective deodorizer–pink grapefruit seems to appeal to the olfactory senses of most people. Hell! I am a white person but the place just smells like white folks that don’t take pride in bathing…a mixture of wet dogs and something fermenting. Concerned Visitor.


  2. Ok SLAVE.Who the hell work and don’t get paid.Not everyone is like you.You might not know.Money does a lots in life.It’s not everything but when you work somewhere you usually get paid.


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