Tanya Griffith

Tanya Griffith of Chefette

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TANYA GRIFFITH — Good evening Naked.  I work at Chefette in Black Rock.  Some of our workers are fed up with this young girl who works with us.  Her name is Tanya Griffith.  This woman causing nuff problem on the job site.

Tanya Griffith
Tanya Griffith

Naked, I just holding on because I have my bills to deal with.  As she on the people compound she is so brawling and common and as you get close to her you can smell the weed on she breath very strong and if she work split she mouth smell hotter even than the managers and Haloute.  She talks about Naked but she needs to be put in the back with the garbage and furthermore, check your hygiene Tanya, it is really offsetting our lovely ladies at the front desk and drive thru.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Tanya Griffith of Chefette”

  1. So why you come on here and talk bout Tanya? Why u couldn’t tell she how u feel? #stupess, guess u frighten for she lawd mouth right? You frighten she shell you in front everyone?


    1. Tell a black woman she mout smell bad? u looking fuh a fight to put on naked or wuh. That hoe look like she aint bout hearing that chit either.


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