Andre Symmonds put out of marital home

Andre Symmonds: It’s Official, he’s Fired from the Church!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ANDRE SYMMONDS — Naked, TODAY it was formally announced in my church that ex pastor Andre Symmonds was FIRED!  So it’s official Naked.

SheIn clearance! Fashions from $2.99Very happy that the church took that stand and that women and children can relax when they come into the house of the Lord.  Also, he is suspended from PAWI and has to undergo counselling.  My mother and I were overjoyed!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

23 thoughts on “Andre Symmonds: It’s Official, he’s Fired from the Church!”

  1. look ppl glad it happen, and it wasnt by mistake it did a nasty b****t plan it, she wanted money and it wasnt given the time before the last, so she plan it ,,thats how all the evidence came in, so he couldnt say not me, you all think this was the first time he was fucking kareen clarke, i understand he was at her government house once or twice, men are just human and will fall,,look at KING DAVID a man after GODS’ own heart, he had a man kill to get his wife, look at the king who had JOHN THE BAPTIST head cut off cause he wanted to fk his wife daughter, so the wife say well i want the baptist head on a plate, sampson and that bth another example,adam ans eve ,, so woman was man down fall from the start, i can bet that there were many other women at that church that said to them selves that they would give him the c****t,, so dont bury wanna heads in d sand, church women are women too and would f*****k, i am sure he fuck more women there but did they talk no, cause they just wanted f*****king, but up step the bad belly s****t and fuck up every thing with her greed, same way she wanted to f****k she friend man then try to make her loose her job, heard a woman in d fish market say she sorry veoma didnt kill she, and i heard there that veoma and tc fight fa kareen,, lol oh ma pum pum,,, i gine and wash ma dildo and do some dirt,


  2. People think that because a person is a christian and involved in ministry in some way (preaching, choir etc) that they will do no wrong. Far from the truth. They are human first and anything is possible. They have extramarital affairs, have more than 1 woman and lie just like anybody else. I know what I talking bout


  3. I know that everybody does mek mistakes. I know of a few men at the same church who sneaking around and messing around with different women and walking bout in public mekking people feel dat them holy. Holy my foot. Dem wearing masks everyday and think dem got everybody fool. smh


  4. THE TROLL! ! !

    THIS GOD! EXCUSE ME PLEASE! The Most High God ! CREATOR Of All Thing’s ! Including You and Me !If God Were Like Man ! You and Me Wouldn’t be alive today , We Would have been destroyed Long ago For Our Sinfulness ! But he is a Merciful God ! gave us the Choice to do good or evil , but we would have to give an account for Our! action’s , Just like what’s happening here ! All Party’s here would have known, and Covered it Up , because of the Status of the Individual! So God Send the Whistle blower ! to Executes his Work’s. Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! . . 2016 Bad Man .


  5. Just a thought. During all this time this thing was going on you mean to tell me that the god that these people worship couldn’t tell someone to go and tell them stop it. At least one person in there should have been close enough to this god for him to tell them to go and speak to the then pastor about what he was doing. This god didn’t even tell he wife while she was praying to him. What kind of god is this?


  6. Women and children can relax my ass, women and black people need to take some responsibility for their predicaments. How long has it been that you fool black women have been going into churches allowing some charismatic Jesus talking fool phuck you? How long has it been that bajan blacks have been allowing their elected leaders and whites to crap on them?
    One minute you bajan black women are the words of Helen Reddy’s
    “I am woman.” Then in the next, the men made me do it.
    Bajan blacks very often have boasted to me that they’re smarter than Americans, then turn around and accept the crap from a small group of people.
    ” whoh we kin do, deh in nutting we kin do boh”


  7. I am very appalled on how this matter was handled by the church!
    Christians should never rejoice in another saint’s misfortunes, you should be rallying around this man of God in pray.
    To you that rejoice May I say to you that you need to assess your relationship with God.

    Some of us Pastor will continue to pray for your sanctification.

    It will be interesting to know how the other parties involve in this muddle was dealt with by the church.


  8. Wait again what the f**k you and your mother glad
    When you do evil it come back to you the man already get discipline and wanna back with this rass***e
    You and mother happy two stupid evil c***s.
    You and mother I want know who wanna is


    1. I could be wrong, but Bishop Seale did not terminate anyone, the church does not belong to Bishop Seale, the church belongs to the Williams. Bishop Seale is the Bishop of Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) and the church is a member of that body. “The Board of the church fired” him, PAWI suspended him and he will recieve counselling if he wants to continue to be a member of that body. Let’s get the facts regarding this termination.


  9. i hope you learn from all this all that glitter aint gold, and fa years kareen clarke was not a gold nugget, not even a chicken nugget, she is a user and a bad belly home wrecker, and i saying this base on what the family said, boy you will rise again, but i all this she going down too cause ppl will never trust her again, not even alone with they kids,,i glad as cunt you splash all over the place miss clarke, you give women a bad name,




  10. Young man I hope you learn from its experience you’re still young still have a whole life ahead of you you can bounce back none of us is without sin. Just bare one thing in mind tho anytime you lie and cuddle with a dog you can catch fleas


  11. you and you mother vex cause wunna aint get none of that sugar stick hahahahah poor wunna NOW THE MORE FOOPING HE GOING DO JUST WUNNA STILL AINT GETTING NONE AND IF WUNNA GET SAD TO SEE HOW IT WENT YOU BOTH WERE SCREWED OVER


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