Chynna Glasgow

Chynna Glasgow and Richard Haynes

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHYNNA GLASGOW — So Naked, when your friends know all your business, all you have been through, how your husband treated you, the many licks he put in your ass and then turns around and is dealing with your abusive ex husband! Well well congratulations to Chynna Glasgow and Richard Haynes who proudly let the world know of their new found love smh!


Chynna is Michelle’s close friend and still knowing the plight she faced turned around and stab her in the back by openly dealing with Richard!  Is that the kind of friend anyone wants.  Chynna should be shame how dare you, but then again everyone knows your character it really precedes you.

Michelle how do you feel that your big friend Chynna is now Richards new boo after inviting her to your big birthday bash a few months ago! The talk around the town tongues are wagging like seriously Chynna.  Well we all hope that you don’t have to come running to Michelle with a hot skin of licks cause as Michelle said she was physically abused many times by her ex husband.  Chynna you have no class!

This is such a hot mess but then again Michelle returned to Tino who many times verbally insulted and embarrassed her.  Michelle you are a beautiful person inside and outside and I know for a fact you can do much better you are an amazing woman and I’ve known you for years and one thing is you surely do know is how to pick um.  Don’t let the same dog bite you twice Michelle you are too good for this!

Chynna from Matthew to Richard in one year, it was just a few months ago you were so in love with Matthew now you in love again haha, girl get some class. I really have to keep my girls from around my husband lol.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Chynna Glasgow
Chynna Glasgow

14 thoughts on “Chynna Glasgow and Richard Haynes”

  1. back weh!
    Average in your eyesight not in Bad Man ! She have Excelled average Long time ago when you were a sleep at School! She have reached the top of Mountain other word’s arrived.


  2. Beckweh ! ! ! IF You read my Comments Carefully ,you would see nothing is mentioned here Concerning the Gorgeous Lady Colour or Complexion , It’ Speks very Pacific about her Highly Attractiveness and her Outstanding Sexiness ! But if you wants to Used Colour I Can accommodate you ! She is a Black Woman ! doesn’t matter’s Of the Shade , a Sweet bread is a Sweet bread if it’s burned or if it’s brown ! Made from the Same recipe. Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man !


    1. You kidding me right? You cant divorce the two from concepts of beauty and you full well know this so dont come on here and pretend. So why havent you said that Desiree Sargeant from the other post is attractive? They both have no obvious scars, no obvious blemishes, no deformaties. Why haven’t you said that she is beautiful? WE ALL KNOW WHY dont we?


  3. BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 ! Bad Man ! Woman Of the Year ! The Coveted baton For Most Outstanding and Sexiest Woman Of 2016 !
    BAJAN to the bone . ! ! ! ! 2016.Bad Man!


  4. I Personally Like the Quality appearance Of this Gorgeous and Highly Attractive Sexxxxy Woman ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! Sexiest


    1. I wonder if she was dark skin if u would be saying how attractive she is. She is average at best.. we are too permanently damaged as a people to the degree that we think that any light skin chick is attractive. The slave mentally is within all of us..i will have none of it. she is an average looking girl.


  5. DO ! YOU! Really expect to bring this HOTT! CHICK ! around a FOX! and the Fox would ignored this FOOD! the Fox Would Kill anything in it’s Path to Feed on this Jucy Meal! Wow!


    1. chicks like this will make your man horn you…and they know full well that they can get him. Them again men so phucking foolish they would horn u will any thing.


  6. Knowing these women Matthew and Richard are likely one and the same in terms of personality. Woman ( and men) unfortunately go for one type of man (woman) and one type of game from a man(woman). They may have a different name but are always one and the same underneath since unknown to us we have certain traits we prefer in a mate. Its usually a recipe for disaster.


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