Desiree Sargeant

Desiree Sargeant from St. John

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DESIREE SARGEANT — Dear Naked.  This story is about this woman or girl or whatever you want to call it from St John Desiree Sargeant.  Now Naked, Desiree moved to St George by my family after being put out from the apartment she living for stealing at Chefette, one of my cousin being dealing with her and she had nowhere to go so he ask her to come live in one of our family houses.

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Desiree Sargeant
Desiree Sargeant

Naked, from the time she move in it was war between my cousin and his own family over he.  He beat his sister and stop speaking to his brother and mother because of this woman.  She even tell him that if he give his mother anything and she know she will dun with him.  This man was so stupid that she stop he from speaking to his own mother over some p****.

Now Desiree and him living in another family member vacant house without anything, light or water, because she doesn’t like his mother and sister the thing is all during when my cousin at work all types of men in many different cars does be park in front the house, all she love to do is smoke all day and party on weekend.

To my cousin, I hope you see this and open your big eyes.  Ron – Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Desiree Sargeant from St. John”

  1. There s always more to a story….. So much men with cars and can’t put back on the utilities?? Strange isn’t only herb they can offer?? Hmmmm


  2. backweh ! ! !

    YA! WRONG! With the Man doing So Much ! Cu#t beating Sister’s Stopped Speak to Family Members ! It So Good! he don’t even no What the rass he doing ! He Would kill Some body Over this Pork Gravy Hole .


  3. I HOPE She Kill He ! Men Killed and Caused turmoil all Over the World Over that Little Sugar Hole ! Don’t Forsake your Mother Over any Hole young Man! Women would Come and go , your Mother is always your Mother. Wake to facuk Up !B.


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