black woman

Diary of a mad security officer

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GUARDSMAN LIMITED, Barbados, is one of the biggest sex pools in Barbados.  Naked I am a young woman working within this company and the things I see and know within this place makes me sick. The supervisors like Goding, Plummer and Turpin love to **** the women guardsman just for duties.

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Naked, I don’t know what them is be tell Ms Rayside or Mr Green that them never check to see why the guards leaving.  Plummer and Goding use to work for G4S and leave and came to Guardsman.  Them so f***ing sick them like to message you a lot of sexual talk on the people company phone even send pictures of them d***.  Them is parade when them **** the women and these men got women home.  Plummer wife should be shame of his nasty *** and the girl the Goding got at the insurance place doesn’t know he is nasty.

Ladies check wanna self I am a woman just like wanna. These men try to force you in to a position that them can get women to f*** with them just to get more of the shite money them is pay.  I would like management check those business phones and see the c*** them is tell the women.  I have messages save in my phones that both Goding and Plumber send me in case them try to get me fired.

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Even the girl who is clean ****ing the groundsman lord, Headly the Shop Hill rat **** up Ostins Plaza for money, the Kellmans both mother and daughter ****ing men like mad Katrina the old hoe she ****ing the bus men still and getting loans for them and that a** in cit think he got someone.

Rollings the goat she got this fella Sealy and the man still ****ing about on she but she is **** around too that’s why the man she had nearly kill she with beat man.

Naked Rayside and Green should check on these supervisors cause at times you is can’t hear Plummer or Goding when you call them cause them out f*** some female officer.  Goding like to go Newland and have lunch with Brathwaite and when them done she go and wash she *****.  That hoe from St. Andrew.

Naked, I so fed up and these men got families.  Naked this need to be stopped.  Sign seal and delivery a mad black security officer.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Diary of a mad security officer”

  1. You are a complete Jackass,as Woman Officer Wid a Lil Sense stated you could have sent a anonymous letter to the mangers and say what you have to instead of being malicious and dangerous and playing with ppl lives and jobs.You are a fucking cunt that’s what you are and putting women who don’t even must be check fa you to make a story,all you sound like is woman who that get scorned by the same supervisors and can’t get what you want anymore


  2. You could have written an anonymous letter to Ms Ray side or Mr Green if it was truly your intentions to make aware of the aledge actions of these supervisors but you preferred to be MALICIOUS by trying to shame ppl and their families . Let me educate you a bit you have not only call out these ppl but you have painted a ugly picture about the company, a company u represent and the public will see YOU, not the managers or supervisors YOU, you have now put even more pressure on women officers cause thanks to you WE all will be marked with one pen ( didn’t think about that huh) and you spoke about the shite money, when the contracts we have now read or hear about this scandal and decides to pull out,our salaries will be even more shitty. I hope your phone doesn’t malfunction and you can present this evidence if not your next column will be in dear Christine asking for help. YUH BRIGHT BUT YUH AIN’T SHINNING.


  3. Why couldn’t you have written an anonymous letter to Ms rayside or Mr green if it was your intention to bring the aledge actions of these supervisors tof light instead of painting such an ugly picture of the company? A company that YOUR face represents, Cause you know what WE the officers yes I said WE are the faces the public sees and also to add that our jobs depend on contracts , contracts that can be pulled because of your malicious intent to shame ppl and their families may cause us the officers to suffer, the same shite money you mentioned may be less now because of the action of one STUPID officer YOU. AND finally I do hope your phone don’t malfunction when it comes to these messages as you can become the next dear Christine story asking the public for help.STUPID ASS, BRIGHT BUT YUH AIN’T SHINING


  4. Bring them here Mannnnn! Stop Exploiting Our BAJAN WOMEN ! For Little Extra Work ! Women have Some Pride and dignity ! Spit On the dog’s When they Come with they disrespect .


  5. Why u trying to stop de men from getting khunt. De women gine phuck anyway. They are fuupers so they fuuping..whether guardsman or the whitehouse…if they are the fuuping type they gine fuup.


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