Hudeen A. Hinds

Hudeen A. Hinds, MR123

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked.  This story is about this Hudeen A Hinds a Transport Board Driver from Long Gap, Spooner’s Hill, St Michael.  He drives MR123.  He was married to a woman name Cassandra Jemmott Hinds, have two daughters.

I want to warn all women and young girls to stay away from him.  He is no good.  I work with him.  He always want people to seem he is all of that.  He is worthless.  Useless.  Don’t let his pretty face fool you, he is nothing but a user, liar, cheater.  Acts like he important in the Transport Board.

He cheated on his ex-wife for number of years, I would know.  He always bragging about the women he uses and f**** and how his ex-wife ***** was always loose.  How she pays for whatever he wants, like an idiot, uses her and he don’t care a shit about her.  How some of them, can’t live without him especially a young lady. Always with him taking rides.  I told her twice not to deal with he, she see something in he.  A young lady she deserve better, has higher standards than him.

Women in Barbados, have better standards than him. He aint no good.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

18 thoughts on “Hudeen A. Hinds, MR123”

  1. Mr Bus Driver he aint got two pennys to rub together I was know because my friend was married to him. All that glisters is not gold take it to heart young woman and woman who deals with him If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    He reap what he sow.


  2. He got some girl from St Philip who got a child for him a boy that goes to either Roland Weekes or St Martin Primary. He alway got some little bastard boy with him


  3. He does deal with some dark girl when ever ya look around she always in the terminal up in he face or in the bus with he for rides. People warn she ass about he left de damm man alone. She aint got a damm clue what type a man he really is. She got a good man at home who loves she but still want HIV Hudeen. He aint nothing to be around. Always want to act he important and big in de transport board when them say people aint know his true character. Had a good wife but cheat on she with common hoes and young girls from the cadets. How many women he had besides he ex wife.


  4. What a shame. Low down dirty Hudeen who is also in the BDF. I knew someday things like this will come to surface. All thise women you f*** and used would speak out. He is a rapist. When I was 15 he forced me and i told him to stop he wouldnt. But who am i to speak because he is a solider in the bdf. And i was a kid with his own child who is 14 now.


  5. Whoever want he can have he he no good he fool women he tricky as ass. No good. Men like them will reap what he sow. He is not going to get no where in life. And always thanking God. Ya better stop God sees and knows and karma will get you back. Old saying what goes around comes around. Hudeen be careful because they is a target out for you lying ass. That one who name Anna I guess you got fool just like all the women he had before you he is no good.


  6. Cassandra and those girls deserve better than him. If you females believe his lying ass than you are just like him. Looks are very deceiving dont be fool by his looks and those eyes. He is big time user with no good intentions only to used and dump. Ladies lock up your daughters. Lock up your p***y. Hudeen is nothing like he says he is. Cassandra i will pray for you my dear. You deserved better than him. You are a great woman he didnt appreciate


  7. De women he screws aint know better. Half of them pretty and sweet. He at work laughing about half them pussy, and if Transport board got any issues up front of the camera acting he important. I know de female who always up on he she should know better half of we always warn her about him in the terminal. She aint know better either she be with a white man a lot.


  8. The only thing that came from the marriage was the kids other than that. He aint no good. Treat my cousin like shit. She was always to good of a woman for him.


  9. @Adrian, she curl up on the man doggy, and once he was done wid she froffy p, he did not want to see she no more. Once she cut she mustache and sideburns, maybe some other bus driver or ZR van operator might want she. I wonder why some a these bajan women don’t invest in a plastic d?


  10. He is nothing like this person said I can swear by this. He is wonderful man and amazing dad. People are not perfect, no one is. Certainly I am not being with him he is not worthless. No one knows the truth. Stop tarnishing people names and get a life.


    1. Amazing dad and don’t support his children ex have him in court. He is a waste of time and energy. That’s why when his ex finish with his ass he was shock. He is a bitch woman and if you believe him you is one to.


    2. If you can swear can you also swear for the outside child Fadeema who goes to school at Queens , from a 16 year old in cadets at the time who is the same age as his first Daugther can you also swear for that to ass hole. Do get it mix up his ex done with his ass long time that why he went after the bitch Crystal and school girl no shame what so after


    3. You must be blinded by d. He aint all you think he is. He **** you right. Young girl get some standards and get check by a doctor. Guess what God knows how many others. Wonderful man hell no. Great dad more like dead beat dad. If you think he is that go a head and believe his lying brown ass. His ex wife was the one who did most of the supporting he dont make shit driving bus. I sticking up for Cassandra she is my good friend and blasting she like that aint cool. Hudeen is a low down rat with no shame. She should had take your house and car and left you with nothing. Lying cheating bastard. Who ever woman you got just like you none of them dont know the real you. Your true colours now showing.


  11. I’m still looking for the pretty face you spoke of you get foop used and dumped just move on you weren’t no virgin find another cock and leave the man alone you probably thought you were special all women think that way love just move on


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