Jamaica, Keep your Dutty Hoes and Drug Dealers Away from Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JAMAICANS in Barbados are causing a real bad scene Naked!  You have so much to say about us Bajans, but give your Jamaican friends a message for us.

Jamaica, keep your dutty hoes and drug dealers off of our beautiful shores.  We look at every last one of you as being dutty when you come through our airport.  Yes, dutty, you should know what that means!  We can’t send you all back, but we let some of you through with long sighs and a bad feeling in our guts.

I’m not saying all, but all of the ones coming to Barbados seem to be coming here to do no good (whore or selling drugs).  Keep off our shores.  Wunna dutty!   Look here: ” A Jamaican man is now in custody after he reportedly expelled 45 pellets of ganja one day after he was refused entry into Barbados.”   See wha I mean?  That’s the kind of shitty weed wunna does want to sell when wunna don’t get catch.  Tired of wunna.  Let we enjoy our 50th.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Jamaica, Keep your Dutty Hoes and Drug Dealers Away from Barbados”

  1. A lot of the strip club dancers from Jamaica are also swallowers of weed. The strippers from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana are the swallowers of cocaine.

    Freddie Hill Promoter, Jersey formerly Ace of Diamonds, Bopper Rehab, Cook Food and other local drug dealers benefit financially from these girls and the ingested drugs when passed out.


    1. In Jamaica a pound of weed can be bought less than $100 Barbados dollars, same weed in Barbados per pound is $5000.

      Now do the math.


  2. THIS IS ! Organized Crime in Full Operation ! ! ! ! Every Agency is Involved

    Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016///////


  3. YOU! Sounded good until you mentioned the 50th, Year Of Slavery in Barbados. Look UP the Word’s INDEPENDENT @ INDEPENDENCE in the Oxford Dictionary and tell me the definition Of the two Powerful Word’s!
    BARBADOS are NOT! INDEPENDENT We are DEPENDENT! ! ! Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! !2016 ///////////


  4. On every Jamaican flight into Barbados by Caribbean Airlines they are at least 12 swallowers of weed.

    Most of them get through successfully.

    Has been happening for a very very long time.


    1. i guess the USA should refer to “ALL” bajans as Dutty Hoes and drug dealers too!!! as there are quite a few bajans who are guilty of being just that!!!!!!!


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