Naked, Look What He Wife Mek Me Do

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I work for the government and with all the celebrations coming up my boss wife coming into we office and acting like she’s somebody.  She don’t know none ah we names.  I ignore she and do my job but when that ***** threw papers on my desk and shouting orders at me and acting like she better than me, Naked, I decide I gine teach she a lesson.

Now Naked, I working here wid this man now for about five years.  Never see this women twice yet!  Never looked at his ugly, big belly, unshapely ass in no way yet!  The man ugly till some leff over Naked.  But I decided I gine fix he wife.

Naked, Friday last I went in he office and give he my BTF special.  Naked, he look like a dead dog but he had a quick snapper pun he!  In two twos I fix he good and tell he if he wife wasn’t so unmannerly thinking she better than me he woulda never see my ******.

Naked, the ugly brute calling me all weekend long.  But that suit she for looking down pun people.  I gine fix he ugly *** up good cause since he like my special, I gine mek he pay.  Naked, he din that bad either, I get surprise.

Naked, look what she went and mek me do nah!?  Men need to keep them stupid wives out the office.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Naked, Look What He Wife Mek Me Do”

  1. BTF next you have to deep throat him just to keep your job.How stupidddddd can u be any excuse just to do what u wanted to do anyway because that shit do not make any sense. I am trying to pick sense from stupidness can help u girl because this is so stupid I have to leave this alone.RAW


  2. You are a stupid woman. Have a little class! All of that for revenge? Silly mudda effer. Don’t you know from now onwards, he will see you as only a lowly fck stick. How did you feel doing that sht?

    You are the only one that is going to end up getting hurt. When he gets tired of using you, he will find a reason to fire you, even if he has to plant the evidence.

    Go and find something to do to make your life worthwhile and stop making trouble for yourself. Stop giving BTF specials for revenge!


  3. YOU is a low life wufless bitch you wanted to do that now you will continue doing it you cannot stop WHAT A TANGLE WEB YOU WEAVED DUMB ASS


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