Standing Rock

Standing Rock Casualities – CAUTION

STANDING ROCK, NORTH DAKOTA (Naked Departure) — FACEBOOK tried to censor my page by deleting photos I had up earlier.  So I’m reposting these in hopes to wake up the American People 🇺🇸 and show them that this is the result of the #MORTONCOUNTYSHERIFFS OFFICE a very Violent Militarized Police Force taking Violent Actions against Peaceful Water Protectors on the FRONT LINES in #StandingRock North Dakota.  Water Protectors HAVE BEEN TARGETED as well as MEDIA, & MEDICAL RESPONDERs Shot in the groin face/head by rubber bullets , one Female Water Protector by the name of Sophia had a Concussion Grenade explode💥on her arm & is now facing possible amputation! Anyone else in this country will go to jail for even trying to hit a Woman and they can shoot Women in the faces with mace , rubber bullets, bean bags ,freezing water , flash bang & concussion grenades? & not one of them will be charged with assault or unlawful discharge of their weapon⁉️….this is that Bullshit‼️I don’t wish it upon anyone but i don’t see the fucking Hillary/Trump Protesters getting it like this…SO WTF IS GOING ON HERE⁉️ Seems to me NATIVE PEOPLE ARE TRULY HATED IN THIS COUNTRY.   Sten Joddi

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Standing Rock Casualities – CAUTION”

  1. Well when I heard rubber bullets mace bean bags concussion grenades I said to myself that can’t be black people they never get treated so well. Were they black people it would be lead grandmur


  2. WHERE! Are your Assault Weapons Where are your Gun Men ! and Bad Man ! Fight Evil With Evil ! STOP! Fighting EVIL With Love ! BLOW! UP! THE EVIL FORCE’S!


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