Princess Alice Bus Terminal

Elderly Citizen Beaten on Bus, Princess Alice Bus Terminal, Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  ELDER ABUSE — Naked, as I was at the Princess Alice bus terminal on Sunday 27 of November between the hours of 4 & 5 p.m. and elderly citizen of our country was on the bus attempting to get somewhere.  We don’t know if he was suffering from dementia but in no way was he acting unruly.  Whatever the issue the bus driver had, he refused to take him.

The elderly gentleman refused to disembark so 2 of your guards came and ask him to get off. He still refused. Still not acting unruly or attempting to commit any felony.  The police were called and came. They had him get off and then left.  Giving your guards orders (which was strange) to take him off if he attempted to get on a bus. Mind you this white gentleman was very neatly dress and well-mannered. He got on another bus.  This is when your 2 guardsmen boarded the bus and got very physical with a man well into his 70s and started hitting and kicking him.  The shorter of the guards grabbed the pole on the bus and dropped kicked the man twice, then threw him off the bus on the ground while laughing and being cheered on by staff on the bus stand.

I’ve reviewed the policies of security guard duties and they have no more rights than an ordinary citizen.  I have documented the whole thing on my cell phone and intend to attach it to forwarding emails, Facebook, WhatsApp and whatever other forms of outlet I have to all relevant persons if these 2 untrained guards do not get the proper training.

It is not their job to beat on the population, this is not a police state.  And we are independent people.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Elderly Citizen Beaten on Bus, Princess Alice Bus Terminal, Barbados”

  1. Writer what did you do ?all this time this was happening I hope you did .i would tell anyone else who witnessed this come for and voice your concern you don’t have identified you self if you is a coward like me sometimes I wondered if it worth it to complain to the powers that be .l personally have been writing defense and security on more then one occasion about theses powerless fool I have not receive not even an acknowledgment to this day. People will soon take the law in they own hands or should I say TAKE the guards with they own hands.
    That why I love naked .


  2. Thing got me with these guards less than 5 dollas a hour and play dem more cruel than cops but i now law backwards got nuff books so i no when i got a case n my hands plus i got 5 personal friends is lawyers criminal lawyers so ymthere beat the old man for ? What he could do to deese guards ? I real vex bout it u don’t go bout beating old people let them try that with a fellow 15 years n up .


  3. That got to be dem 2 idiots but there is a thing in law it’s call excesses force assault and battery and all so i’ll sue the state and the guard firm so the guards the state and the guard firm all 3 liable and i not sure bout police may be o the bus driver all so i may got to sue 5 if it were me old man .


  4. Post the video and let us comment. Remember the guard at Jordan’s supermarket?

    The gentleman must have family that would lay wait the guards and mek sure dem dont eat ham for xmas. Mek the guard family go to the graveyard this December. This is what needs to happen.

    Post video, let Naked family see.


  5. THE GUARD’S HAVE POWER’S OF ARREST IN THE BUS TERMINAL’S ! THE POLICE WOULD THEN ASSIST! The Guards have More Power in the Said Bus Terminals than the Police !HaveHaveThey don’t have the Power’s to beat any Person unless being attack and defending them Selves. POST the VIDEO Here ! have no Wright beating the Elderly Man !


  6. We are not independent my friend we’re just here on borrowed time. Lose your job and be unemployed for a year and tell me if you still feel independent after that


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