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Guardsman: Fifty Shades of Shame

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GUARDSMAN — Naked, I agree with diary of a mad security officer.  I am one of them who **** for more duties but now I done with that and I thank her for putting it out in the open.  Don’t pay no attention to the wukless b****s that vex with you, them shame cause you talk out the nasty things that going on.

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It’s all true.  Guardsman becoming a sex pool cause these men push you into having sex for more duties cause you have a lot of things to do.  No one would ever believe it’s true but them who know and did it shame to speak out.

Them make the company look bad with them f*** up and wukless behavior.  Take that, wanna can’t f*** this officer woman no more and who got a problem can *****.  To the women in this company, don’t give away your pride for money like me.  Damage done and just like my friend who ball wanna out I say it this way — it needs to stop.

Signed, sealed and delivered.  Fifty shades of shame.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Guardsman: Fifty Shades of Shame”

  1. This unfortunately is a part of the culture of this place, with so many having a slave’s mentality and then rampant materialism combined with poverty. It isn’t changing because the people are too mentally weak, and the ‘big men’ like it so, and they make the rules. Once things are this way they will always have easy access to sex, because of easy access to money (bribery), and other leverage over the employee’s life via employment relations e.g. duties/hours/paycheck, that controls even down to their personal appearance.

    This goes on in sectors that you would never think it goes on in, where the incomes are high enough that women wouldn’t need to stoop in order to have nice homes, drive new rides and wear classy-looking attire; yet same thing. Sometimes the senior employees/superiors don’t even pass money or threaten dismissal. Just knowing they’re the boss makes some women give in because they fear the potential repercussions of saying no. Sometimes the women aren’t victims, but opportunists. One said they hoping a big man choose them so they wouldn’t have to work, and if a big man supports her “that ain’t wh#ring” (her words). So mentally blind… sad to see.

    But this isn’t limited to security, nor to sex; all kinds of behaviours are coerced from these mental weaklings, but especially buyer behaviour. Why?

    The hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle people are goaded into, using credit to do everything, which means having things LONG before you have the money for them, AND paying several times more for them (interest) sets them up for easy exploitation with most having no significant capital on hand and high relative debt. So when the social circumstances make it excessively easy to get anything you desire as long as you’re willing to lay down, or to end up broke if you’re not, it’s easy to make this place to an extent one big wh#rehouse. ‘Stand up and keep your dignity’ is hard to do because many were not given such examples to shape them, or witnessed/endured ridicule of poverty.

    The thing isn’t to get your money up, it’s to get your costs DOWN; not to make more money, but to need LESS money. From there, your freedom and independence grows. But then the big men wouldn’t have such leverage… This is why you have to be indoctrinated to keep up with the joneses. Noticing the interlinking parts of this machine? Behaviour is deep-rooted.


  2. This is so sad that these ladies have been in this foolish position just get more money. I hope something happens cause most place don’t even care about these issues that’s be effecting woman or issues that comes out on these sites. I want to work there but I will not cause I am not that kind of female I need the work but I need my pride more.


  3. I didn’t know that does happens in other places too ,I know it happen in defense and security and if ya want a quiet and sitting down duties you have to open your problem with some guards give then a little authority over civilians and it go to them head some of my coworkers call then self radical policemen or the real police cause police frightened for people.i putting my self though school to get out this hoe uphold the behavior of these guards that have constant complains they do nothing with the complaints that comes for certain guards .


  4. This whole private security guard service want looking at by the authorities,and by the people who engage their services. We are hearing that female guards are being shagged for extra duties, which means more money, which = prostitution.
    And on the other hand we have tiefing guard contractors like Clark from Carrington village who works for big companies like BICO,and fail to pay the workers, saying that these profit making companies would not pay him.
    I hope that these companies realize that they are being ripped off,as unpaid security guards, could not give two f*** if the whole company gets carried away.


  5. wait so ‘more duties’ mean less work or something? So u mean to tell me that you working harder and still getting phuck too? I wanna laugh but its a sad state of affairs


    1. Some of our members of parliament started this Wuk fer Wuk ting, throw back to the old plantation days, when the women had to lay down for the manager, book keeper, driver and watchman.50 years on ,and we aint gone anywhere.


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