Politics a big joke in Jamaica

Jamaicans: History Taught them not to Trust Politicians

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — POLITICS BIG JOKE!!  — Scores of youngsters across several communities in St. James have rejected the notion of voting in today’s local government elections, saying that history has taught them not to trust or believe in politicians.

SheIn clearance! Fashions from $2.99“From I born, I see people voting in Jamaica and I don’t see how it has helped us as a people,” remarked one man, who was hanging out with friends near a polling station in Green Pond, St. James. “When you vote for these guys, you are not going to see them again until the next election cycle.”

In the Mount Salem community, one youngster told The Gleaner that he was extremely annoyed with the way politics is handled in Jamaica. According to him, his councillor (Avery Rosegreen) migrated to Canada after she won in the 2012 local government election, and was not even replaced.

“Our councillor just packed up and left for Canada and the PNP (People’s National Party) didn’t even have the courtesy of replacing her with someone else,” the young man said. “I understand the lady (the Jamaica Labour Party’s Marlene Malahoo Forte) we voted for in the big elections in February is still in Jamaica but I can’t say if it is true because I have not seen her since. This whole politics business is a big joke.”

Shortly after 2:00 pm, there was an even more graphic display of political dissent near the Farm Primary and Junior High School near Salt Spring. In clear defiance of the law against public gathering on election day, a group of men had an informal party going in full swing, drinking rum and smoking ganja, against a backdrop of pulsating reggae music from a car sound system.

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“No picture today Gleaner man, but if you want, you can hold a spliff and a drink,” said one of the men. “We not voting round here, politics only defile people and make idiots out of us.”

“Them have to put ‘lotto scam’ on the ballot paper if they want our vote. Scamming is our best representative round here. Look how many communities it is taking care of. That is my member of parliament and councillor.”  (JamaicaGleaner)

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4 thoughts on “Jamaicans: History Taught them not to Trust Politicians”

  1. …and yet in the “advanced” and “educated” nation of bim it will be 50 more years before the people realize politicians simply use them. Whatever set of thieves get in “power” next, they will say they got their mandate from YOU, THE VOTERS. You will be to blame, as always, for the state of everything, while they rob and pillage the place, and divvy up the spoils with massa. If no one votes, who give them their mandate? Stop legitimizing the lies and crime. We have seen a B era, a D era, and we already know what each brings, so if you are expecting a different outcome from the same thing you did every last time…


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