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My Name is Maricia and my Daughter was Raped

FLORIDA, USA (Naked Departure) — Good morning Naked Departure.  I am a working single mother.  I was taking my daughter to a babysitter while I went to work.  I needed the job.

Naked, I noticed blood in her underwear.  She was young and although I questioned her she could not explain why it was there.  She touched her private areas and would say a name or a Spanish word.  The woman who was taking care of her had a son and they spoke Spanish.  I thought it would be good for my daughter to speak English and Spanish and in doing so she took a while to actually put sentences together (she mixed the Spanish and English).

Naked, every morning I took my daughter to the babysitter, she would hold onto my leg and scream bloody murder!  She cried and cried and did not want to go in, but I had to work.  I needed my job.

I left her and my heart hurt me.  I knew something was wrong but I needed my job.

One Friday, before an upcoming holiday, we were leaving work early and I didn’t eat lunch and left even earlier to go get my daughter.  When I got to the house my daughter was nowhere to be found.  I asked the Spanish-speaking bitch where my daughter was and she said she had to be somewhere in the house!

I looked around and finally push the bathroom door to see the woman’s teenage son on top of my daughter raping her!  I screamed till I could taste blood trickling back into my throat.  Naked, when he pulled out, I saw my daughter on the ground, skinned ‘opened’, eyes staring and in shock!

I reached for her, she jumped into my arms and we left.  I didn’t see where that bastard disappeard to!  I never reported it.  We never spoke about it.  She was young, only about three.  I wanted to forget all about it.

Since then Naked, I’ve had mini strokes.  Since then Naked, my daughter grew up to be promiscuous.  Since then Naked, we have never been the same.  I needed a job more than I needed a happy, healthy daughter.  I knew when she was screaming and holding onto my leg that something was wrong.  I knew when I saw the blood spots on her underwear that something was wrong.  But I needed the job.

This morning I woke up on the ground AGAIN.  I know the signs Naked.  I had another mini stroke last night.  The big one is coming and I wanted to write about what I did to my daughter.  I still don’t understand why I never reported the crime.  I wonder if that boy is now married with children.  Why did this happen.  Why do these things happen?

Glad I know of you Naked.  Even before I wrote to you, just knowing you were there for me to write into made this easy for me.  The big one is coming, I can feel it.  I deserve to die.  I have since spoken to my daughter and we have forgiven each other.  But the regrets!  The regrets Naked!  Life has made it that ‘things’ are more important than our children.

Keep up the good work Naked.  I can’t do much but I sent you something.  Naked, thank you and thank you.  Marcia Thomas

Naked Departure (Photo; generic)

5 thoughts on “My Name is Maricia and my Daughter was Raped”

  1. That’s when you want to live in a country and you are not right you get kick and spit on and ya can’t do anything about it.Tell me something does it worth it .i am really sorry but that will never take away the pain that child suffered.


    REFUSED TO LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD CRIES FOR HELPED ! OVER A MUSTY JOB ! Mother’s are So Wicked to they Children Sometimes ! The alarms Keep Coming from the Child and you refused to adhere to your Child !and Said you feel Something Was Wrong , but you Wanted the Musty Job Over Your Blood and Sweat! Shame on you ! You never Mentioned how Old the person were that rape the Child ! If it’s an Under age boy at that time ! or a teenager . Anytime a Child is Crying and holding On to it’s Parent / Parent’s it’s a Red 🚩 please investigate !
    Bad Man ! ! ! ! ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 2916//////////


  3. Mam, I am sorry that you did not report that nasty mother fucker and his mother. I am glad that you made peace with your daughter. My heart hurts for you, because life in this USA, can be a bitch. Some of the people in this USA, are as cold as the winter. I hope that your health will get better, be blessed.


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