Prostitutes become advocates?

Prostitutes/Promiscuous Women are not your Allies

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PROSTITUTES ARE NOT YOUR ALLIES — Naked, I love the website.  Keep talking about the race politics and outing the nasty no-good vermin in Bajan society.  I hope this will be posted as anonymous.

#Slutsinleggings:  These women are not your allies.

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Naked, I want to know how two self-righteous, wutless women could be the allies of other women?

Allyson, the prostitute, bold and proud about the fact that she had the men of other women.  Proud of the fact that she encouraged married men to got she.  Put nuff shite pun she page about all she affairs and her stint as a worker in a sex club.

Just because you had no one to care for you didn’t give you the right to get on like you make yourself and treat people that tell you to take responsibility and act right, like garbage.  Always know what do to you but like to black out what you do.  Always cussing and carrying on pon social media.  No class and no sense of respect for others but demanding respect.  Joke.  Loves to lie too.  Liars abound man (stories change too much…).

Allyson, you are a home wrecker and inflictor of pain and yet wanna be an activist for women’s rights?  Don’t make me laugh!!  You have a daughter and all she will see is you knocked about and used up.  Well done setting that sorta example for her!  Nothing but a poxy joke.  Promiscuous and wanna always cry rape.  I guess if they don’t pay, you will call it rape…..the idiot you got now better be getting STI tests on a regular.  I hope her female friends ain’t so ignorant to leave she alone with their husbands/men for any period of time.

Allyson, when you have openly apologised to ALL the women in Barbados that you have wronged, then you can talk about being an advocate.

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Ronelle, arrogant as hell (but ignorant, wutless Suki is she daddy, so apple don’t fall far from the tree).  Horn she last man, Corey Springer.  Lied to him and manipulated the hell outta that guy with her ‘kill myself’ bullshit.   Yes I know of him, he got nuff bloody faults but let me tell you she likes to act like she did nothing wrong.  Just playing victim.  Tell he she gone kill she self and all brand of rubbish when he wanna get way from she and she shit….  Tek, tek, tek and vex cuz he ain’t put she ugly ass on a pedestal.  Man says he always had to be catering to she but she neva used to do naine fuh he (blow **** don’t count dummy).

A bunch of sheep attacking the man because he said what he had too about her behaviour?  He did wrong about the fisting thing but women does post all sorta tasteless shit bout their cheating men and even when the man good but ain’t tolerating their crap, and get away with it.   Because he wrong it makes her right?  Double standard for real…

Ronelle be honest of your affairs nuh?  You ain’t horn de red fella yuh had, with you child father (child father know she promiscuous and had to get a paternity test).  You does talk so much all the people you tell, tell other people.  Stop trying to act like you never did shady, abusive and manipulative (and yes abusive! cuz manipulating men that you gine kill you self when you get lil rejection is emotional abuse).

Little miss threesome (still like a*al?  Disgusting).  The two men she let tag team she talk about her gine and coming.  Senseless.  Still cussing your mother and airing her business on social media but live in she house?  Lying and manipulative.  People that ain’t know you talk about your nasty antics and then you all self-righteous on a lil pedestal.  How come none of your stories ever add up?  Lie, lie, lie.

Every man you deal with has the same exact things to say about you?  Women you know have the same stuff to say about you???  No coincidence.   I feel bad for the man she got now, she gine play all kinda games to get sympathy.  I wonder how much idiot splashing out in money to take care of her nutting tail.  Get out now man, (she may threaten suicide as she does but it’s a bluff) surely you can do better and better looking.

Bougie sensibilities but no sense and no class.

Two women who wanna start a movement and talk about the bad behaviour of men but not their own.  Women like these two do nuff shit to women and men too.  A lot of men ain’t shit but the women you think are in your corner are not my ladies.   They want applause for themselves on your stories so they can sit and feel great.  They aren’t gonna actually admit their faults and what they’ve done and show remorse.  Don’t let pain inflictors be the face of your movement….  You can’t got other women men and destroy other women’s relationships and call yourself an ally.   Frauds!!  Wunna think it’s cute cuz wanna got nuff popular people on wunna side (or so you all think).  Both have daughters and setting a grand example.

#Slutsinleggings, being a wutless no good woman that lies and gets away with it because you’re a woman and can pull the victim card.  Anonymous

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3 thoughts on “Prostitutes/Promiscuous Women are not your Allies”

  1. What these ladies have or have not done is totally irrelevant. The movement is not about one or two ppl. Its have given a voice to women who have been and continue to be sexually harassed, abused and disrespected by the opposite sex. It’s not about the messenger, its the message; which you have clearly missed or trying to detract from. But I have news for u… The voice will not be silence!!!!


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