Andre Curtis

WANTED! Andre Curtis, Jamaican last seen in the Bronx, NYC

NEW YORK CITY/BRONX (Naked Departure) — ANDRE CURTIS — Wanted is Andre Curtis, a Jamaican man who recently landed in the US, for the (suspected) murder of his wife, Sophia Lamb.

“Sophia Lamb’s mother found her sprawled out on the living room floor in their shared Baychester Ave. home near Aldrich St. in Co-op City at 1:45 p.m., police said.”

‘You can’t rationalize evil’!   Naked Departure

Andre Curtis, WANTED
Andre Curtis, WANTED

3 thoughts on “WANTED! Andre Curtis, Jamaican last seen in the Bronx, NYC”

  1. JAMAICAN’S CAN STOP SINGING ABOUT LOVE AND AFRICA ! When all they do is Killed the Jamaican Women and beat them With hammer’s , What the rass Wrong With Jamaican and Barbadian Men ! Show Me One Case Of these two Nationality beating or Killed a WHITE WOMAN ! (NONE) but they have the Strength to Killed black Women ! None Of these Women Would Kill these DOG’S First at all at all . Women go and Make Three Complaints to the Police First , Of abused then Drive a KNIFE 🔪 IN THE TOP OF THE DOG’S HEAD ! OR THROW BOILING WATER ON THEM MIX WITH COOKING OIL ! STOP LEAVING YOUR CHILDREN BEHIND !Motherless ! Face the Judge and Jury not the UNDERTAKERS!

    BAD MAN ! ! ! ! BAJAN TO THE BONE ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 .


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