WANTED!! Marcus Brian Bisram

WANTED!! Marcus Brian Bisram

marcus-brian-bisram-foundationGUYANA/INTERPOL (Naked Departure) — MARCUS BRIAN BISRAM (multi-millionaire and founder of the Marcus Brian Bisram Foundation) — With wanted bulletins being issued by both the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and Interpol for Marcus Brian Bisram, the alleged mastermind behind the murder of Berbice carpenter, an individual close to the prime suspect has reportedly offered the victim’s wife a whopping $50 million.

Faiyaz Narinedatt MURDERED
Faiyaz Narinedatt MURDERED

The victim’s wife, Pooja Pitam, alleged that the individual informed her that Bisram was willing to pay $20 million to settle the matter.  When the woman refused the offer, the individual reportedly returned two days later and raised the sum to $50M.  Again, Pitam refused to accept the money and told the individual that no amount of money can bring her husband back!

Naked Departure

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