Native Children at Play

Child’s Play or Children at Risk?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, something bout that rape story you had up early this morning (yesterday, Nov. 28) mek me ask a question.  Just out the blue I ask a question.  I believe the lord does work in strange ways.

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Naked, my daughter had belly hurt today and them call fah me to pick she up from she school.  I just ask she a question.  I ask she if any of the boys in she form interfering wid she.

Naked, you is a dangerous b**** and this site gine get people kill cause my daughter has her lil secrets.  She tell me they tell she not to tell nobody but I get she father to come over to cut she a** and she crying and tell we that two of the lil boys does mek she play with them ****.  I ask she where.  When them sitting right there in the back of the room.  Right in there wid other kids and the teacher.  She say them won’t stop interfering wid she.

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Now I got a man.  And she father looking at me and waan know if something happening hay too.  Naked, this out the blue question got we all offset.  We glad to know but we offset.

Trust and believe this will be fixed Naked.  You can trust and believe that!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Child’s Play or Children at Risk?”

  1. Ya did well…. don’t trust a fellow I had ma children from my husband you couldn’t want a better husband he never give my cause not to trust he a real family man had he from de time I did a little girl .but I don’t trust he ,why because he is a man.when I use to get up in de and he int in de bed I walk on ma toes to see were he is ….poor man on de toilet or putting on de breakfast.


  2. I like the way you are giving thanks to ND for turning on the light and possibly exposing another one. lol lol ….

    …..(Naked, you is a dangerous b**** and this site gine get people kill cause my daughter has her lil secrets) .


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