Shanita Mayers NOT paying employees

Shanita Mayers of SM Communiation

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS — Naked, Shanita Mayers of SM Communications strikes one more time.  Shanita refuses to pay her staff!

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Any company that cares about their staff would have paid the staff last Friday or give and take Monday.

When we turned up to work this morning of the 29th November, we received a shocker!!  We will be paid some day next week.  No date given.  Trust and believe Shanita boy SMFH.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Shanita Mayers of SM Communiation”

  1. But wanna dont know the hr manager is a theif just like her !!! Her was fired for stealing a huge set of money from the bank . Cant see how he does be on pun her like white pun rice 2 crooks together . Flow better check themself before she get more money carried away by january 6. I work in tele sales no one did any work in the past few days and when we found out we int getting paid head set was down no one int working get half yah payments for the last 6 months think she easy . And where is Oliver and the bosses when you need them smh


  2. She don’t have a heart I don’t know why she don’t leave ,she now open a business and still money hungry .The new hr manager got to be just like her can’t tell her what she doing is wrong ????.She no way to be found only come to give a speech two weeks ago about sm c**t leaving. She got to be f******g mad as hell.She can’t hide forever ms SHANITA .


  3. This b actully write cheuqes for $ 12 , $ 22 and this is no lie and the point is she knows what she doing . You really expect no one was going to step up and complain and shed light . And you did not resign you was fired . Find the ppl money and pay them girl. Flow paid you long time ago to pay the staff .
    You should not wait till 6 january to leave you should leave now so ppl would push and make money for flow in December. No one is comfortable working for you cause in January who is going to pay us not you for sure


  4. Listen she stole money for 9 months and tell bare lies hurt so many familes mess up so many ppl credit rating . And i mean boldly telling lies . And everybody know she telling lies . I mean seriously does this woman got a mother ? Sisters ? Brothers ? And writing cheuques for $ 6 , $22.00 $ 50, and i mean for a month ppl works for more than that in a hour . Wanna could as well go at km 2 or popular supermaket and work


  5. Staff went to her new office to find out bout payments and that dog talking bout wanna have to wait .wait C..t . Wait for $6 and the kind of shite cheuqes you doea come round ppl. U and all yah thiefing staff


  6. Thanks bad to the bone . High 5 she already did loose the contract her last day is the 6 january . But before she end off good make sure she pay the staff and so on she F**cking up ppl . And walking bout telling ppl she resign . Look the new sales manager fire her ass. And look she dont have to team at welches looking thru no files for wanna money she is a liar. Flow has a team up stairs looking thru the files so wanna should get every red cent . She is a dog no heart


  7. From these stories with this manager girl she don’t have a heart
    What goes around comes around
    She will get what coming to her .
    If not today tomorrow people don’t understand when they do bad to people it comes back if not her She family will get it.
    She can see good.

    Hope you all guys at sm get pay on Friday.


  8. LOOK FOR OTHER EMPLOYMENT! This Company has its Priorities Wrong ! and going to Lose this Contract Very Soon !


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