Members of the Royal Barbados Defense Force participate in a team-building drill during the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program subject matter expert exchange as part of Southern Partnership Station (SPS) Aug. 20, 2010, in Bridgetown, Barbados. SPS is a deployment of various specialty platforms to the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility in the Caribbean and Central America. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Kim Williams/Released)

Barbados Defense Force

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  Naked!  You know what soldiers call your page whenever a soldier get feature on here?  They call your page part 4 orders. But you know what, they put alllll we men on here and as a man nah can’t work.

The women does do more dirt than we bout in hay even that two-mouth, bad look **** Morris.  Idk how females I flock around she though wanuh does feel confident talking to she then she talk about wanuh stink is ****.  All like them 15s that now come wanuh got nuff to learn cause she does only talk wid yuh if yuh got something to offer wid she break self.  That’s why she does gotta fool bout to make extra money from the men in hay don’t mind she ain’t no good in bed *** lame is ****.

Them reserves females she talk bout how every man face them in but she fuhget she does do the same but she feel she got competition now.  All like Lowe she talk bout and who she child father is as if she know who all hers belong to.

When Blenman was on YouTube oh lordddddd she had a field day bout that video say she can’t **** or give *****.  But umm u neither.

Small you need a new friend.  Mascoll she does lick your name going and coming but they hating cause they broke tho and you 1 the few good medics down there don’t mind yuh moody.

Brewster you need a new friend but she does pretend with you and Maycock good is **** and cut wanuh throats.  Man look alll the ****ing females business we know through she.

Naked, if you had to listen to how she does talk about the medics down there you won’t go for care until you really go and see for yourself who is who down there. She wanna act professional but she ain’t know what that mean or can’t come even close.  I remember when I was admit and she was the duty medic I did feel like getting up and leaving cause she does make yuh feel like you a bother or something and she feel she more than anybody and wanna look down on them.  But she fuhget caw blen when she bout in hay getting small and complaining bout ……… ain’t know if she getting horn but u ***ing bout though remember the prowlers see you in the car park ****ing and u did wanna carry we infront the office.  Lol.

Look idk but Naked them does wanna feature we on here how we got STD and nuff women and children and can’t talk bout themself.  Women in hay caw blen had herpes from recruiting yuh ain’t hearing them say nun bout it but all wanuh does eat from the kitchen.   Or like how 1 man got 2 women on the same base so Greene check you self.  Or like how that Rasta girl Roach feel she special cause all the men talking to she but lil she know it’s a bet to see who **** she 1st tho before she turn that talk to money and sort out she admit cause she hair good musty and untidy.

Look these females wanna start me though.  Stupse.  Like how them say Lovell mouth does smell stink but wanuh still ****ing she.  Or like how baggio did ****ing cenac at recruiting and now another 1 but caw blen ain’t hear nun.  Cause some wanuh females does feel wanuh cud use wanuh ***sy to get through.  Telling men wanuh want money to help pay for rent you know Rouse.  And picking at a recruit cause them ****ing u ex man.  Only thing I respect is that another female reserve is who write in bout that Mekeala Small but you know what when you wanna **** with little girls that does talk nuff yuh gotta take wa yuh get and I hope that **** short man ain’t feel you was the only Man you was ****ing.  **** like he when you put your trust in little girls they go and brag to their frens so I glad is ****.  And wanna blame the wrong person when the ****ing girl inside she same barrack room wid she.

Looooooooooook, wanuh some **** else.  Before wanuh point fingers make sure you hand clean.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Barbados Defense Force”

  1. Try to pull down the defence force?????????? Man out of here do Hahahahahahajahahajahahah the defence force was a cesspool every since.. What is there to pull down Stupesssssss do


  2. Call yourself a soldier. You are no better than the other gutter snipers who try their best to pull down the Defence Force. You are giving them currency.
    I am not, or was never, a member of the Barbados Defence Force, but as an ex Serviceman, it pains me to see men ,and women, who call themselves soldiers getting on like fish and chip whores on Bush Hill.


  3. This was actually written by a soldier… all the terminologies are on point. Recruits have been Phucking in there to get through for years.. The BDF is a recipe for wild loose **x…. to many people too close together…too much stress …too much machismo too much testoterone… the only way to get rid of that is to phuck. Real talk.


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