Grinning Freundel Stuart

Barbados Riddled with Problems

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, Barbados is riddled with social problems but Fruendel don’t care about that, he is just interested in perpetrating the centuries-old fraud of misleading the black population, keeping them in poverty-like conditions and continuing the enrichment of the minority frauds, thieves and lawbreakers like Bjerkham and the 5% at the expense of the majority.  A wicked bunch of useless black people in parliament.

Fruendel don’t care about those important problems, he is too busy promoting the fraudulent, pretentiousness of independence, aiming to please and impress Harry and simultaneously fool the electorate…time to throw all these enablers of parasites out of the people’s parliament, they would keep the stagnation of the majority ongoing for another 50 years, if they are not removed….2 more ignored and deliberately misinformed generations of people will be lost, misused and abused again.

What affordable housing does this greedy pig and his employee Mark Maloney provide for the average Bajan, are they talking about those over priced box ovens at Coverley or the even higher priced ovens at Grotto and the other 2 locations that Bajans CANNOT afford and which are only large enough for the mice and cockroaches that will soon inhabit them.,,, a total waste of millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money by Sinckler, Lashley and Kellman.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Barbados Riddled with Problems”

  1. Cor Blummah wa ya telling ma? Be jerk off get a gold crown merit ,look dog bite ma fat cat .these blasted people doing shite ya .De goverment own Be jerk off for elections pay out money so they see this fitting Peoples wake up white supremacy.


  2. Bjerkoff has found gold in Barbados, and to make that official ,he was given a Gold Crown of Merit in the Independence Honours List.
    Then we fool ordinary Barbadians that they are the ones who built this country.
    Scratch my frigging back


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