black woman

Kimberley Holder of Todds, St. George

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I glad Kimberley Holder from Todds, St George get feature on here.  For starters, she don’t rob the men she does go with sad stories that she children gotta get this and that and like most men would give.  But ummm who the money really for if your children does look rachet on the road. Lol.

But you feel you does look good at the people cruises. Cause caw been she did wanna try to trick me but my head always on I ain’t want no army w**** that nuff men done pass through.  You ain’t had that fella from clay berry that was working wid he too smfh.   But if ikey wasn’t sooooooooo desperate for a child he wouldn’t be in this cause every ****ing body tell he it ain’t his.

Man Naked check it when he useta be at work a partner of mine useta be ****ing it and I useta see other men dropping she bout or partying with she even going cricket but ikey boy the ****ing joke on you. But I glad is f*** ******** tell she don’t call he name and jackass like you get call and you own it.

Wa I know if anybody tells me a child ain’t mind my family would go all out to do a DNA test though not raise it and wanuh can’t be doing too good of a job if somebody else write it and say she look musty at school.  Kimberley you cud really mind you children though and stop ****ing bout well ****ing cause the men say u got a ****, lbarrr.

Well ikey boy all I cud say let yuh other child mother help raise and be a proper mother to yuh jacket cause she mother ain’t none maybe then she would look and dress better on the road and nobody can’t say she look musty no more.

Take care of yuh jacket partner.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Kimberley Holder of Todds, St. George”

  1. On behalf of the Baileys in st john thank you for acknowledging how important we are, i mean we are damned important to be bothering sooo much people. It is amazing how small minded you people are to drag a child into big people affairs, a child mind you who doesnt have a care in the world and is well loved and will always be… so whoever have a problem that we supporting a jacket .. well thats your problem she aint going no where if she does look musty as you put it and her hair does look musty … stfu and contribute to cause. I dont understand why it bothering wunna motherfuckers so… anyhow we will keep supporting the jacket and sending her school looking musty .. after all we have to maintain the reputation you so kindly bestowed upon us.


    1. i guess u never heard that the sins of the parents fall on their children…. even god don’t give a f**k…, he’ll jack them up if you step out of line. the moral of the story is, when you have kids, tread softly!! it’s not anyone else….it’s YOU who endanger your kids. YOU. YOU. YOU.


  2. I glad is tho them baileys from St. John feel them better than anybody but them can’t dress she no better if them themself can’t dress tho and the lil girl hair do look untidy going school on mornings. But it suit wanuh I glad Ikey in the position he in. And why shud the other child mother help? Nobody tell them take a child and raise it tho stupseeeeeeeeeee all them bunch of retards


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