Pedophiles terrorize Barbadian children

Naked Departure Launches a “Stop Child Sexual Abuse In Barbados” Campaign

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE — After receiving countless reports and first-hand confessions of incidents of child sexual abuse which were committed in Barbados over the years, the team at Naked Departure concluded that more has to be done than just publishing stories on a web blog.

Therefore Naked Departure is launching a Stop Child Sexual Abuse In Barbados campaign on behalf its concerned subscribers, which includes the following strategies and objectives:

1. Establish a local committee to spearhead and manage our Stop Child Sexual Abuse campaign
2. Discussions with relevant Ministers of government
3. Discussion with the management of the Child Card Board and other relevant authorities
4. Hosting a series of town hall meetings across Barbados get public reaction and support
5. The improvement of interventions and other strategies to address Child Sexual Abuse in Barbados
6. Establishing a Stop Child Sexual Abuse In Barbados Facebook group
7. The establishment of a Sexual Offenders Registry in Barbados

For regular updates and to participate in this campaign, please join or FB group at:  — Participating Member

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Naked Departure Launches a “Stop Child Sexual Abuse In Barbados” Campaign”

      1. Lmao that was a good clap back. Where was the harassment ? Did they mean the truth or the public Facebook live video of the government offical ? Or being independent only means the older people and not the kids that are being abused. The same way the government say check on the elderly common sense should say it applies to the younger generation too. So do your thing Naked and help who you can cause they only talk but does nothing to help the cause but will try to tear it down before it even start.


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