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Naked, my Woman is Cheating on me

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hello Naked, I live with a woman for 7 years and she cheating on me.  Friday night she left and went to she man house and Saturday night she sleeps at she man house and come back Sunday morning.

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Yesterday evening she left and went to she man house and come back 11:36.  Now this evening she left and gone to her man house and telling me that she is going to come back at 9:00.  She is thinking I is a good idiot.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Naked, my Woman is Cheating on me”

  1. Skippa dont mind these people on hear calling you an idiot, everybody is a idiot at some point in time, tell the whoring woman leave your place. If it was you doing the running around and the same woman write to ND about you everybody would be on here castigating you.


  2. Buddy don’t listen to any of them she’s a good woman at least you know where she is. A lot of these macho men here can’t account for the whereabouts of them women but you can. Marry her!!


  3. National poppit day has arrived, and somewhere a village is missing its idiot. This facking man come on here to be a comedian, coz he can be that stupid for real.


  4. HARRY ! IS IN BARBADOS AND BAJAN S DOES STRANGE THING’S AND DON’T THINK STRAIGHT ! WHEN HE IS HERE! She is not your Woman , if you’re telling me she’s going by her Man! Shut Up ! and find your Owned Woman , Skipper .


  5. cant be a true story, but no commit, but i would be glad if it happen to you tho cause you cry wolf, then you would got in a little alpine


  6. She ain’t think you is a good idiot , she knows that you are a good cubbah Kunt., me too cause you could only be a wet johnny to write this cuntery to Naked, wid all the flooding there in Bullbados do us a favor and go drown yourself.


  7. Lmao so what naked is to do I see stories on here that sometime you wouldn’t believe but this !!!! Is this a joke ? you know she sleeps at the man so I don’t understand. Is she really cheating or you all have an agreement and you know she have the man and you and now you want to call it cheating , cause she told you when she coming back and you know when she sleep by the man so write back and fill in the rest of the story .


  8. sonething wrong wid this story, he is the room mate or outside man, or a f*****ing Alpine goat, if u were my brother I would kick u in yah A** aid a steel tip boot and nek you walk in the sea backwards.


  9. You are saying that she leaves and go by her man so in the 7 years of living together you have done nothing to cause this really now
    Come with the whole story boss


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