MONKEYS!! Nigerians wearing white man's wigs!!  Slavery in the Homeland!  MONKEYS!!!

Nigeria Now! White Supremacy there too!

NIGERIA, AFRICA (Naked Departure) — CIVIL WARS, white supremacy and a controversial bail system which tends to favor the rich and influential are all matters making headlines in Nigeria today!  The blacks there are even bleaching their skins — they no longer want to be black.  And let’s not even get started on wigs and weaves!!

But the choice is not theirs to be made.  Who, if not blacks, will be the slaves/servants of the world?

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If you ever get the notion in your head of ‘going back home’ or having a ‘homeland’, get rid of that delusional type of thinking!  YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO GO!

Add misogyny to the potpourri of civil wars, corruption, lack of judicial oversight, white supremacy and no population control and what do you have?!  You have sex and wars!

When you can live to see black juris in Nigeria…, Nigeria of all places…, with white wigs on their heads, you must know you have nowhere to go to if you are of African descent and live elsewhere.  Just keep your ass quiet and stay where you are!   Naked Departure

MONKEYS!! Nigerians wearing white man's wigs!! Slavery in the Homeland! MONKEYS!!!
MONKEYS!! Nigerians wearing white man’s wigs!! Slavery in the Homeland! MONKEYS!!!

6 thoughts on “Nigeria Now! White Supremacy there too!”

  1. Yes, the destruction of the unified black consciousness is complete, and yes, there is no home or safe haven to go to. Should you stay where you are? Up to you. It really doesn’t matter, because the structures and mechanisms created by those behind the destruction have advanced to the stage that wherever the black man goes in the world he must fight, until death, or capitulate and accept his place. Nowhere is exempt. rectifying this situation means total revolution, everywhere that the black man is, without exception. Which choice have the people here made?


  2. Its tradition but many black majority countries are doing away with this slowly but surely. We use to do it here as well until about 10 years ago. Now if we would just stop laughing and criticising Rosemary for her African garbs we would then be moving in the right direction.


  3. THE ! People are So Lost and Trapped ! If You attempt to go back Home You Would be Seen as an INVADING FORCE ! And be KILLED! by the Idiot’s.


  4. How can none of them see how stupid they look with that crap on their heads, Monkey see, monkey wears. The total destruction of the black man, it took centuries, but it worked


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