Harry in Barbados

Prince Harry and his Dressed up Slaves

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE OWNER of Barbados and Britian’s roving representative, Prince Harry, arrived in Barbados to a warm welcome from the Queen’s top slave Elliott Belgrave and other Barbadian commoners.  The Acting Commissioner of Police, looking a little like Alice in Wonderland, struggled to stay upright and to look sober.

Harry was also met by the sleeping beast of Barbados, Freundel Stuart, and the sleeping beast’s minions, Maxine McClean and Esther Byer-Suckyo.

Promptly at 9 a.m. the prince alighted from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Wave Knight ship wearing a dark suit and light blue tie (doesn’t this remind you of Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue…).  He received a tiny, water-starved corsage from a secondary school student.

The Prince, 32, then inspected the slave of honour before he left the Bridgetown Port, where his massive Wave Knight vessel, funded by his family’s terrorists activities, is currently docked.

Why is Harry in Barbados?  Naked Departure


IS THERE still any doubt in your minds? For if there is, if you still do not recognize you are slaves, commoners, nobody special, we will have to conclude we are not dealing with humans!!

9 thoughts on “Prince Harry and his Dressed up Slaves”

  1. Why is harry here? To answer a q wid a q: would you visit a shitbox like this, sewage and garbage in the caverns that used to be potholes and all, if you were so-called queen of all the so-called british empire, or would you send a filthy little runabout pretender to earn his keep? Look at him good. He look like he wuh rather have teeth pulled. imbeciles doesn’t even start to describe them, as the brits know long time elizabeth ain even british. Pretenders all. About as royal as king dyall.


  2. This is so embarassing… look at them wid their medals and NOT ONE OF THEM even spent a day on a battle field… all play prentend soldiers


  3. ONE! Harry is in Barbados to Celebrate his Family 50th Year Of Ownership Of Barbados and It’s Slave’s ! Also too See if the HOUSE SLAVE’S the GOVERMENT and It’s OPPOSITION Still Carrying Out the Mother COUNTY Directive’s ! Of Keeping the SLAVE’S IN CHECK! and to Make Sure the 5%%% WHITE’S STILL Controlled the Wealth ! and getting the Respect from IT’S 95%%% BLACK’S SLAVE’S ! ! ! !And If The Black SLAVE’S are Still WORKING For the 5%%% WHITE’S ! and Respecting the MOTHER COUNTRY !ONE ENGLAND CAPITAL OF SLAVERY . I have a Message for you HARRY ! Please deliver ITT ! On this day Of 50 YEAR’S OF (DEPENDENCE) to the Mother COUNTRY !


    (Grant Me Permission to Curse Today Naked Departure International)

    BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man / / / /


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