Racist teacher

VIDEO: TEACHING a child to hate; Racist Grandmother

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) —  TRAIN UP a CHILD in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

In a video circulating social media, an older woman is presumed to be heard teaching a young child to repeat racist rants.  In the end, the child can be heard saying “You F**king Black C**t.”

Self preservation, as a powerful concept (even beating out the concept of God) is something that black people don’t seem to have a tight grasp on.  For some reason or the other, the brains, in the bodies of black people, don’t relay information for blacks to see themselves as an endangered species.  And the formulation of the thought that breeding is the answer to staying alive is not self preservation; that’s just rudimentary and carnal!?  Well then, you can see where this conversation will take you, can’t you?

You mean to tell me that black people, after thousands of years of slavery, and as a means and measure of surviving in this world, can only think of replenishing the slave population for the ruling class, i.e, fuc*ing?  You mean to tell me, that black people never think of thriving, on the world scene, and becoming fierce protectors of their women and their children?  Blacks are simply satisfied with having a ‘good’ job?  How do you even get an erection when, in your unconscious dream state of clarity, you see yourself for what you are?  You are a slave.

Why would anyone in their right mind have an adverse reaction to this video?  Would it be better if it is done by not shown?  Should you not teach your children the way they should see the world?  White supremacy is real and so is social media.  They are here to stay!  And with blacks multiplying like rabbits, self preservation will be at the top of the minds of white supremacists.

Somebody’s got to clean the toilets!   Naked Departure

N.B.  We are not racists.  We are just practically observing the world.  Which brings us to this question:  Are black people not teaching their children to (self) hate by sending them out to work for the white man?

10 thoughts on “VIDEO: TEACHING a child to hate; Racist Grandmother”



  2. @ Trevo1

    It is nonsense to say the few blacks all treat their staff like shit. I actually know many who don’t and are burnt by staff with stealing, poor work attitude, lateness, gossiping to name a few of what they have to deal with daily.

    When Bizzy, COW, Proverbs, Tempro and Maloney some of the local white businessmen who don’t even see the blacks as equal treat them like slaves yet they don’t complain.

    Bajan Blacks can’t even go to a local white man house unless maid, landscaper or prostitute selling their privates.

    Very sad to say in 2016 and in a majority black country.

    Stop being envious of the blacks who run businesses most of them start out with good intentions but when many of their own are stealing from them and among other things to bring down their businesses as if there is major joy and progess in such behavior.

    I have sat at many tables with local black and white business owners and hear the horror stores of employees behavior and misconduct.

    Don’t talk about the International Business owners they have no respect for how 90% of their employees behave and perform.

    Like I said I have employed hundreds myself and seen the insular and destructive behaviors in many other work places by employees in small minded and petty Barbados local economy.


  3. The strong black people in this country are segregated by our own colour. They make it known that “you” do not belong – Doesn’t that say enough!

    On the other hand Sir, the few blacks that create businesses in Barbados, under pays and ill treats their staff with their – I have arrived attitude. Until we come together as a race and stop being jealous of each other, racism will be amongst us until the very end of time.

    Take a look at the fads for black people today – (women) – Social media humbugs! Instead of using the medium to educate themselves you can find them taking selfies, jirating their derrières to all types of music to see who shakes the most or are the biggest, who has the best hair, who wears the best clothes, who shows most clevage, who has the prettiest child,who fights the best, who steals man best, who can shout the loudest – ALL NEGATIVES – I end here!


  4. When look at story on naked what I see is when it a story from somewhere other the home we pay little or no attention no comment,why? Its not here .we read about thing happening around the world and we blink. This racism thing is here slavery is coming and we are going backwards,Barbadian look and you will see you don’t see? Well you don’t want to see. Governments ministers with great heads are extinct ,The species in place have not the capability to think lacking wisdom understanding,God said in the last days ..how we know we are in the last days?normalcy will change man would be lover of self ,shortened time ,weather patterning,you see it. Clearly Ministers lover of self is selling Barbados to the highest bidder in Barbados and over seas.who is buying? Whites.This country was built to be reliance on it ministry, Ministry of health have its responsibilities to keep us healthy think hospital not functioning as it should talks of privatization talks of insurance who will buy whites garbage,and trucks will break down and things don’t happen over night were are the managers?it was perpetrated to put in private hands who?………..Ministry of Transportation and roads works Bus services is bad roads not over night planning in place to put in the hands of …….I could go on and if you look you will see. University has started paying for education it will tripping down to secondary and will go from here.We teach our children to hate they skin and hair and like white skin and hair.


    1. Bajans don’t care about anything that’s not happening in their yards. They don’t understand the ‘global’ and/or the ‘trickle down’ nature of things. It’s going to take a ‘miracle’……


  5. @ Naked

    You keep missing the Facking point.

    Black bajans will always like it so to primarily idolise and work for the white man and not to lead.

    It is taught within the homes, schools and communities to be a follower and not rock the boat.

    The few that do and create businesses and employ blacks catch hell from their own people even when they treat them right.

    I have employed hundreds in Barbados and can only count on one hand the number who would succeed in the US with their attitude and work ethic.

    I once employed a white man for 3 years as General Manager who knew nothing about business or management and would tell him each morning in meetings what I wanted done.

    For those three years no problem with staff and the business grew.

    This white man was my puppet GM and black bajans from all over in their mental slavery killed themselves daily for this man.

    What does it say for the country they will be forever tied to idolising and worshipping the white man whilst destroying their own black brother and sister.

    Independent my ass.


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