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With Millions of Dollars in Insurance Claims, will Insurance Companies go Broke?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — INSURANCE COMPANIES — Naked, I wonder how Peter Harris of CGI Insurance and all the other insurance companies in Barbados are handling the recent flooding in Barbados?  The dollar amount in claims will, undoubtedly, be in the hundreds of millions!  Old will bring new and people would have lost and will be claiming what they never even had/owned!  You know how it goes with Bajans!

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We already know that CGI does not even like to pay legitimate claims, so we can only hope the court system is not further clogged because policyholders have to seek relief by way of lawsuits to settle their claims?

Here’s a comment I saw online Naked:

“Wait to hear the tiefing insurance companies all gather in their crying rooms to wail about paying out policyholders for flood damage to cars and houses….

…. they were all crying wolf only last week about paying compensation for injuries, that is what happens when ya tell lies…ya pay more….”

But not only houses and cars were lost in the floods…there must be consideration for crops, government buildings (schools) and other private businesses.  What about the transport board?  Maybe Lashley will claim damage to buses and Kellman lost business to his store.   The damages are numerous!  Let’s see how the white supremacists wiggle their way out of this!

Chop, chop Peter Harris, et al.!!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

19 thoughts on “With Millions of Dollars in Insurance Claims, will Insurance Companies go Broke?”

  1. Thomas Harris, of course you would know about stealing keyboards, but this keyboard is mine, I am not stealing it from policyholders.

    Don’t worry Thomass, I will get the names and addresses of those false witnesses and those lying bus drivers who perjure theselves in the supreme court and post them to social media, just time now. I will enjoy doing it, those perjurors can blame Peter Harris for that, and they will..

    I have not yet mentioned what else I found out now have I Thomass, let’s just say Peter Harris’ days for wicked deeds against injured people are closing in, do you see how much information is now out there, lots more to go, talk what you want, but in your ignorance, neither you nor Peter ever thought this day wuld come, you thought you had gotten away clean because bajans are so gullible and did not fight back, but look what happened.

    How are you going to call back all that has been posted, do you know who this information is being seen by, think about it, the info is easily verifiable, has already been verified by others, now you are a laughing stock.

    BTW where is yours and Peter’s honors for stealing, does the Barbados government give honors to thieves, I thought your names would be first on the list.


  2. Thomas, it’s so nice to see you alive and well, now here is the truth, if your brother would do right by all the people with claims who are genuinely injured, they are not hard to identify, Peter Harris knows who they are but is just being wicked and greedy, if Peter would pay the claimants their compensations and stop misusing and abusing the supreme court to avoid paying for injuries, no one in their right minds would release so much information to let Bajans know the wicked, wrong things Peter does to injured people to avoid paying out money.

    All of this could go away Thomas, if Peter for once in his life, do right by genuinely injured people, or as you can see from the last couple days that the flood wreaked havoc, those with genuinely destroyed cars and damaged homes get compensated.

    You are right, the divine does not like ugly that is why a flood was sent, more insurance claims to process, do you really believe now that it’s known in the judiciary how CGI Insurance and Peter operates that he will be allowed to wickedly clog up the supreme court and back it up for years to come with all those claims, so you can get on social media and call injured people and those who lost cars and possessions malingerers, dream on Thomas, it is now all exposed, only thing left to do is name and shame the false witnesses and bus drivers who tell lies and perjure themselves in the court, when their names and addresses are put out there for everyone to see, their will be less traitors and liars presenting themselves to commit perjury in the supreme court, we are trying to turn Peter into an honest man,, as a christian, you wont like that?.if not shame on you Thomas Harris.


    1. Another loser who life is mistreating. The more you write, the more you expose your lack of depth and stupidity to the world. Idiot stop the keyboard abuse. Probably a stolen or borrowed one. I’ll continue praying for your sorry ass.


  3. Forgot to mention that another of Leslie Haynes and Leslie Roberts sleazy jobs for CGI Insurance and Peter Harris is to recruit slimy plaintiff’s attorneys to work against their own clients, bribe and convince them that their injured clients are faking their injuries and there is nothing wrong with them, despite multiple medicals reports to the contrary.

    This evil practice is done when those two demon lawyers belonging to Peter Harris are unable to bribe a dirty doctors to fake medical reports to tie up the case in the Supreme Court for years.

    I am sure when Thomas Harris gets all winded up next time he will call the names, again, of all the dirty lawyers who works for Peter, when they have a falling out..I am right you know Thomas.


  4. The only thing Leslie Haynes and Leslie Roberts have in common is their sleaziness, the lies they tell, their disresprect for the judges and the whole court process, their respect for the justice system, their disrespect for injured claimants, they both openly and blatantly ignore requests and directions from the judges, they believe themselves untouchable by the Courts and should both be locked up.

    Bear in mind that Haynes was one of the crooked, thiefing directors and lawyer for CLICO, so his track record is already one of stealing from policyholders, he is in good company with the liar and thief Perer Harris, it os safe to say those dirty practices would come naturally to Haynes and to make it even worse, he acted as a judge sometimes, so imagine the conflicts of interest and damage to claimants whose cases he destroyed, he was known at CLICO as taking cases against CLICO while a director and telling the clients nothing, destroying their cases, just as Thomas Harris accused Pat Cheltenham of doing while a Massy Insurance lawyer and a CGI Insurance lawyer..

    Roberts is not old like Haynes, still youngish, but an extremely vicious liar who does not blink when lying to the judges, forging witness statements filled with lies to derail a case or trying to intimidate claimants. His father was years ago a Master of the Court dealing with documents.

    What is also very disturbing is that they coach Transport Board bus drivers to lie to the court about what really happened at the accidents and about how people really got injured, they pay people who were not present to bear false witness and lie to the judges and court, these are the wicked people who also should to be locked up for perjury along with the lawyers who coach them and their names and addresses given to social media for the island to know that they bare false witness against their own people for scum like Peter Harris who uses them as weapons against their own people, name and shame them thoroughly, do not give them a pass, only an extremely evil mind would be so callous and uncaring to their own people, expose them for the traitors that they are so that everyone knows to stay well away from these animals..


  5. THE TRUTH ! ! ! 2016 \ 2017

    These two Lawyer’s have the Same Christian Name ! Why is that ? Is it because they have Something in Common ! Or its a Coincidence !

    Let’s Root them Out ! From Under the table ! Bad Boyyy !


  6. Leslie Haynes, QC and Leslie Roberts are two of the most vicious, fraudulent lawyers working for Peter Harris’ insurance CGI, they both should be in prison for the amount of forged witness statements and perjury by false witnesses, the subornation of perjury they enable and condone by these witnesses before judges in the Supreme Court, as well as the years of time wasting using lies to clog the justice system unnecessarily with cases, just to not pay injured claimants,.

    Everyone will remember Thomas Harris’ rant on ND when he accused Pat Cheltenham, QC of being one of the fraud lawyers who works for his brother Peter, so that one did not come from me, it came from Peter’s brother Thomas, straight out of the horse’s mouth that Cheltenham worked at Massy Insurance for 15 years as an insurance lawyer and still fraudulently took personal injury cases against Massy, without telling his victimized clients he was double dealing and selling them out to Massy and of course knowing he was committing fraud, Peter Harris had no problem hiring Cheltenham to do the same thing for CGI Insurance, so accrding to Thomas Harris, Cheltenham’s name can be added to the list of fraud lawyers in Barbados. .

    Since we could be calling names all night, let’s just say of the over 1,000 lawyers on the island, at least 900 of them will have no problem committing fraud by selling out their clients to insurance companies, they cannot be trusted, bajans must be aware and expose them as soon as you suspect they are selling your case to enrich themselves.

    It wll be interesting to see what lies the insurance companies come up with to avoid paying compensation for flood damages to houses, cars, businesses etc..The liars and thieves cried wolf one week ago, now the wolf is at their


  7. THE TRUTH ! ! ! ! 2016 \ 2017

    I Follow you a lot on your attack’s on the One Thoma’s Harri’s @ Peter Harri’s Insurance Operation’s ! I Want You List all the Crooked Criminal Insurance Lawyer’s that’s Involved in INSURANCE FRAUD! Against the CITIZEN’S OF this COUNTRY ! LET’S NAME AND SHAME THEM ! Bring the List ! Bad Boyyy ! ! !


  8. I was thinking the same thing and how some of those cars that in parking lots will be sold to people when it have water damage. I don’t think it’s the right time to buy a car now you might be getting one of those damaged wet cars but next week when all the excitement finish we will hear from the insurance companies.


  9. It is amazing how alot of companies and people allow they policy to lapse and then Tuesday evening call the insurance to file a claim lol omg pay and you will be covered. Dont try to pay tuesday evening for a 3 lapsed policy for your home to file a claim tomorrow Thursday. …lol


  10. Thomas Harris, see what you get for calling genuinely injured people MALIINGERERS, ya lying brother Peter’s little insurance company insures Transport Board buses, cars and homes, let’s see how Peter Harris tries to tie up the Supreme Court with his lies and deceit now that they are aware of the wicked methods he uses to clog up the court system when the claims for flood damages start rolling in, you bastards don’t want to pay injured people, but the Universe is watching and will bring you to your greedy, avaricious knees..

    Peter cannot bribe everyone, nor can he and his slimy lawyers forge every witness statement this time, the whole island witnessed the flood, you demonic little cokehead creep.

    Ain’t Karma swèet. Why dont you sue Karma for


  11. If ppl would read their insurance policies this level of ignorance would decrease. Wunna think because it’s insurance it suppose to cover everything the policy will only cover the perils covered in the policy contract. Wunna does wanna pay the minimum premium up front and then bawl out when disaster hit talking about wunna pay premiums and insurance companies is frauds but wunna forget wunna asked for the less coverage just cause wunnawhen didn’t wanna pay a big premium when wunna only paying to cover certain risks so wunna could pay low premiums learn to read the entire policy learn to ask them underwriters questions know what wunna covered for or hush when disaster hit.


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