Sex pool at Guardsman

Guardsman Limited – Wuk for Wuk

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GUARDSMAN — Naked, them now coming?  The sex pool deep in Guardsman and was so before I come, but wanna step to the wrong woman cause I was told about wanna.  If at the end of the day nothing happens, at least the women would get scared to give away the sweetness cause it get talk about.  And for the bi**h who want my phone crash it wouldn’t, I have phone save with the penis pictures and conversation from the company phone, if them try to get me fired as I mention before.  I don’t care who don’t believe it or not.

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Nasty people, nasty men, so push my buttons and as far as wanna want to hide up and save contracts, protect the women and respect them not **** them for duties.  Each action is a reaction and this is my reaction.  When wanna constantly push at me for my man sweet hole.  Wanna walking about the place quite is ass now hmm.

Management had them meet but nothing happen as usually cause them believe in wanna and Godding hurt that poor girl heart and she only was there for about 4 months she leave her man for him.  Cha!  You’re goat girl.  You heard the talk about him and still you **** and did all that to be with him.  As for Plummer, he wants to know why I mention his wife; cause she is a woman like me and she seems respectable so she needs to know what the dirty things you did.  The church members should look you different now.

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I want Green or Rayside look at the company phones to see that there’re no lies in what I am saying.  All the blame goes to wanna for pushing talk at me the wrong woman am not the Shop Hill rat who leave and come back but all the money she taking for she nasty ***** up Oistins can’t do the old house.  Sell your ***.  Maybe by January you have a wall house.

But off the w**** Naked, she is no one, the matter is the two top class wukless **** down Guardsman supervisors.  Wanna think Dixon was bad he can’t touch them.  Man, the amount of ****** them put down can’t amount to Guardsman guards.  Man look, carry
wanna ****hole.

If wanna think all I said is a rumor, fire me and see if I don’t show wanna ***** print out along with conversations.  Try me ****ers.  Sign, Sealed and ****hole Delivered Raw and simple sex pool of Guardsman must stop.  Diary of a mad security officer.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Guardsman Limited – Wuk for Wuk”

  1. Ria dottin needs to stop calling plummer phone every day as he chilling with me who always calling ria stop it got check for you man you got a man and won’t stop msg but I hope Miss rayside check he phone


  2. Mr Dixon you play you so special and int got shit the woman that you got that you and she all about I hope your wife fine out you used me and many more you time coming soon stop fuck the dottings wifey and side chick get tested he nasty


  3. so much pu***y giving away at that place i would love to get in there with my two dildos, i would have a field day lol,, seem to me like MS HEADLEY like she p****t too, hats off to you MS HEADLEY, , how you does feel looking up in a woman c****t ,, i cant imagine, so many women out there doing c****t and my friend cant find a good woman no matter how he try, look one of you all women give him a call and see if he can make a hand of you, 245 8268, now dont sell me out and say that i give out he number


  4. But all that going on is true but wanna should be carrying it to rayside and Plummer needs to to he job and stop fing Ria and it’s true bout the kellmans know every body usiness and the mother would not stop f Turpin to get what she want and that fat at the gate got to stop f all of CIT for nain but de girls in lie cause them come around me with that slack talk and I put dem in them place but I want all this end up in Jamaica


  5. I really don’t know what this person is getting wen she trying to damage ppl lives but gud luck to u my dear KARMA is a b**** and I hope u cud handle it wen it turns around and bite u in the ass that’s all I wud say about this life to short these days to be looking for trouble u shud spend ur time looking for peace with the lord…


  6. wow i love this piece it was hot lots of fire, had me playing with my self lol, i want a job at GAURDSMAN lol, i wont have to look for no i would dump my , girl if you feel so strong about talk about it, you shouldnt have to f****k for no extra hours, i support you ,, now the QEH is a different issue all together, that bigger than most issues


  7. Ya know…what is unfortunate is that people behave according to the class their place themselves. I am 100 percent sure that the young Doctors at QEH and interns get Phucked by the consultants the same way but you wont find it ever getting on naked because they have reputations to protect and see themselves in another class/social bracket and behave likewise. We’ve gotten the drift that Guardsmen officers phuck bout…not lets move on.


    1. Then did get on naked but it din stand dis long.. Anywho those women aint getting rape and we all know that they are in reality doing what women have done from the day their realize men lust after their Vag.


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