Shanita Mayers NOT paying employees


BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANITA MAYERS of SM COMMUNICATIONS and FLOW BARBADOS, I CAN’T FEED MY CHILDREN.  Dear Lord Naked, this is a plead to Shanita Mayers of SM COMMUNICATIONS to pay the Staff.

Tuesday I went to work with my last  $5 only to hear near midday that we can’t get our November pay until the 2nd of December.  Month after month you keep doing this to us.  She came and told us that FLOW doesn’t pay her early or on tine so she can’t pay us on time so she moved the pay date from the 27th to the 30th but still every month we now getting pay after the 30th.

If FLOW is the problem we are begging the management at FLOW to pay her after all we work in the sun all day to make sure you get customers but still you leave us broke.

To FLOW BARBADOS is that how you treat people who help build your company.

Shanita I have my children home from school for 2 days and I have nothing to feed them nothing at all and you and your HR manager posting pictures buying big drinks and at Tipsy partying but your staff can’t feed their family.

Tell me how you Shanita Mayers and FLOW could think this is right?    Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “HELP!!!! I CAN’T FEED MY CHILDREN!!!!!”

  1. This woman is a big ugly st she did SEND the cheuques at 5.30 that s even put the 3rd December on the cheuques so we could not change them . Now the money was nothing we where expecting . Why when she come by the bank why you guys int bust she Ct . Now how the ass we gine feed our children ? Somebody gine hit you so RASSH**le hard B hmmmmmm


  2. It is best you guys have a lawyer or someone to read those files for you cause Shania will find a way to rob you . Trust this cause she have serious problem you mean you gine steal from your own black ppl ? Leaving hungry children bad dept . And i mean she cant even give you a job letter cause it not that kind of job ? This woman have a serious problem . Her family need to take her to the doctor or something . Who the hell else will want you int they company doing this ?


  3. But we know it is Shanita Mayers she was paid month and months ago from flow and would not stop telling lies . Now you could hire an hr manager an operation manager and 6 weeks later you could come and say you part ways with flow . Shantia is sick to be 1 not paying on time and then even so the amount of money she pays when she do pay you . Wanna better get that print out that FLOW proving cause she is a liar she int had no team at welches .Flow dont trust her anymore FLOW vet for does sales so if you guys dont understand the print out please get someone explain it to you .Cause trust and believe that you guys will still get rob ask questions when she give you those cheuques cause Shanita and her HR manager are 2 theifs . Look tele sales walk off the job cant take it anymore .SHANITA is a dogggggggggggg. Who is helping her out this TIME. Paul? Busy Williams? Dexter ? The man from LMK ? Who we need to know who is helping her or should we walk with our lawyers and the police ? Your mother prob crying shame on you .


  4. Who is in control of this country? cause everyone seem to be doing as he or she pleases to us soft arsed Bajans, who would not take Ronald Jone’s advice and crack some effing heads. People cannot get their money to buy food ,or even pay bus fair, and some of these f***** get paid on time, and are running about with some big arse gas guzzling SUV’s


  5. I’m a past employee of flow we never had these issues like how you all at Sm is currently facing which is wrong.From reading these stories it seem like it is the young lady who is running this company messing around with you all money .From the time she came she was in naked departure repeatly .
    Before you all come out and say flow
    ask the flow manager are payroll department what is going on.
    I strongly believe that it is Shanita Mayers who is not paying you all guys .Sad Sad


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