Karla Morris

Karla Morris of the Barbados Revenue Authority

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KARLA MORRIS — Naked look at this nuisance to the Barbados Treasury building.  Is this not a place of business, or is it a place for selfies on the job?  Everyday this imbicile who is a cashier and nothing more, before she do her work she on her phone with somebody man texting, begging for Remy money, or picking fares.  I think the government needs to educate their staff about work ethics.

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This young upstart in the office every morning with her face cake down with makeup, which look offal, EXTRA tight clothes on her unshaped ass and these clothes are not work appropriate, but rather for feting, all types of hooka hair do’s fit for the stripe clubs, nails to dig out a customer eyes of skin, them huge bubbies always up in staff and customers faces and last but not lease these not work related accessories. the Barbados revenue authority needs to do something with his nuisance.

Karla you should know that being professional and being a s**t does not mix.  Separation is needed.  For god sake your mother who is a teacher but who can’t tell you nothing should try all means and methods to drill some sense into your brain.  As one of your new work colleagues since yah one get transfer from Roebuck Street recently to Bridgetown.  I wish to tell you clean up yah sellstreet wh****ng ways and dress for work.  Last but not least keep of yah blasted cell phone when dealing with customers and stop whatsapping the men….  All these things can be done after working hours.  Or just resign and let someone with class get the job.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “Karla Morris of the Barbados Revenue Authority”

  1. well thank you WORK COLLEAGUE . i try to keep it real, i thought the guy said M something 100, but he did say its a white ford focus, you know WORK COLLEAGUE if you are tue to your self the world will be true to you, but KARLA was not nice, she not easy, she did three somes up in that building too its all true, she will change her ways now


  2. Writer is there any change in the behaviour in fare picking every body c**k s’g mouth reciprocal s bank MISS karla Morris, i was wondering if she mend her ways and the way she carry on the customers and conduct, keep me posted, rotten miss london


  3. and this aint no lie on KARLA , as i said before ask CAROL from over by the QEH a guyanese girl, she does be in nelson street or by them shops by the fair child street bus stand, ask carol if any body know carol, and i got three guys who can honestly say yes cause two is who told me where she live,


  4. CASANDRA LOL WAHLOSS,, you just mek ma big wutless pum pum hurt ma, CASANDRA you like you know her well, tell ma bout the pop down whore some more ,,a hundred french men cant be wrong, she was selling p*****y and trunking for years, as young as 15 years old, if you doubt me ask carol the guyanese girl from over by the QEH, a dark short girl,i know three guys that f***k she up in the pink building over the road from sports and games,that willing to come foward,, one say she give a good heads too,, he say he had to choose between she and a slim girl and choose she,, i wonder if she and the slim girl still talk ,,my girl friend and i past over mt friendship yesterday, so we wanted to get info on she in the district so we buy two beers and ask a guy we see, cause my girl friend told d guy she want to find she cause she got she man, he say she is a lil , my friend say she heard she does trunk and he say yes that most of the men out there bull she and she sell she ,, and she like smoking,, so we left he and past the house but the car wasnt there,, the guy say its M 100 or M something 100 cant remember,,, so you see when ppl trying to be nasty to others, them should make sure that they clean no dirt under your nails, but karla one thing i am proud you about is that you have a second job to fall back on, MISS WUTLESS BIG P*****Y LONDON out fa now lol


  5. look i ask if any one know where this girl live,no one reply like them got a secret ,, now does she live in mt friendship close to haggate hall, so no one dont seem to want to say, well is her mum a school teacher ,, well if it is her then she was selling pus*****y for years when she was just about 16 o 18 years old,or younger, in the building next to sports and games at the top of swan street,,i know a few ppl that deal with her in the building on the top floor, even the guyanese lady carol from close by the hospital use to be with her selling pussy,,, she live in a house at the top of the hill in mt friendship,where ppl learn to drive,, on the left hand side when you come off the high way, she drive a white car, if its the same person she would deny it to her mum, think her mum name is june, ,,think she had this coming if its her, and she like to get fk in the as too if the price is right,,,ask the driver of XJ439 vincent lashley ,,, his wife or woman work at the HILTON, ,,he think he smart, next time he fuck with my girl friend i gine blow he out the water,,but i hope this is the same girl i mean lol ,, or a whole new pound just got uncovered ,, miss london you too nosey, go and put ya dildos in ya wide py and ya deep as lol ,,


    1. Yes miss London that’s she

      You know de Whore good. She lives in mount friendship and she drives a white car her mother is a teacher and name June. And yes she was selling pussy and ass for years little wutless fare picka. But miss London yah forget tah mention that she loves to suck old men slimy cock and she does smoke bare WEED


  6. now i want to know if any body can tell me where this girl live, cause if this girl is who i was told about then she got files long long, dont want to jump the gun,


    1. She lives in Mount Friendship Road St Michael on the top of the incline of the hill out by lawnson that dead cow farm.

      Expose she rabbit do


  7. naked she is not only a nuisance she is a hot rat. she behaves like if the work place is a fete or a stripe club. she needs to be guided on work ethics which includes dress codes, working with your peers answering the phone etc.


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