Peter Harris ownes these people

Newspaper in Barbados Deleting/Censoring Comments

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good afternoon Naked.  Why is it that Barbados Today chooses to delete or not allow negative comments about fraudell, the cr****ker Harry or anything in comparison to the current events affecting Barbados?

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Naked, is that paper owned by colonisers or is there a strong neo colonist element in place?  Other posts they allow.  You say something, not abusive, but factual about bjerkoff, Sow, or baloney, it does not pass their criteria and it is deleted.

Why Naked?  If you are not derogatory, abusive, or outright racist, they have no need.

Naked, you best try run a newspaper to rass.  MIIB

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Newspaper in Barbados Deleting/Censoring Comments”

  1. Thomas, they got you busy today, lol No one is biohered by Peter’s stale news reporting, it’s his crimes in the Supreme Court that will bring down Peter Harris.


  2. There is a reason why Peter Harris owns a newspaper Co.
    It’s another way for him to suppress the minds of right thinking Barbadians. Simple – Do not read BT.

    Facebook is another news forum that conducts unnecessary censoring in my opinion. If they don’t agree with your views they shut you down – What’s the point!

    This man of a mountain will come crashing down one day – You better believe that TH.


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