Kelly Kirton

Kelly Kirton

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KELLY KIRTON — Good morning Naked.  I’m writing to let the men know to see this girl and don’t see her.  Naked I met this girl we start talking then we went out a few times on her off days cause she say she got she man but still wanted to deal wid me I was kool with that cause I wasn’t looking for no relationship anyway so we agree on seeing each other every now and then this went on for months and we had some fun times I helped her with her daughter cause I don’t have no kids and I have my own company so money was never an issue and I would make sure she good until a few weeks ago….

She is denying what she did to me but men, watch yourselves.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Portions deleted)

6 thoughts on “Kelly Kirton”

  1. Still trying to figure ouT this post. POINTLESS.

    Somebody like they had a spare paragraph lying about the place and decide to drop it here.


  2. That serve you right what did she do YOU TOO RH FAST that’s is wuh she right she got a man and yous till went and mess with that yuh nasty son offa bitch


  3. SO! What She did too you Skipper ! ! ! You Want Help Or You Want to do too us What She have done to you !


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