Kelly Kirton

Kelly Kirton

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KELLY KIRTON — Good morning Naked.  I’m writing to let the men know to see this girl and don’t see her.  Naked I met this girl we start talking then we went out a few times on her off days cause she say she got she man but still wanted to deal wid me I was kool with that cause I wasn’t looking for no relationship anyway so we agree on seeing each other every now and then this went on for months and we had some fun times I helped her with her daughter cause I don’t have no kids and I have my own company so money was never an issue and I would make sure she good until a few weeks ago….

She is denying what she did to me but men, watch yourselves.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Portions deleted)

4 thoughts on “Kelly Kirton”

  1. That serve you right what did she do YOU TOO RH FAST that’s is wuh she right she got a man and yous till went and mess with that yuh nasty son offa bitch


  2. SO! What She did too you Skipper ! ! ! You Want Help Or You Want to do too us What She have done to you !


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