Michael Lashley at Waverley's crash site

Speightstown Commuters Suffering; Transport Board

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL LASHLEY and the Barbados Transport Board — To all commuters in the North, it’s time to ask the Transport Authority what is the real reason for it being formed.  Can someone please explain.

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Junior Jordan or Pandor, people in the districts of Pie Corner, Connelltown, Josey Hill and Boscobelle are fed up with these people who are supposed to see that transportation in all these areas are serviced by the minibuses.  Why are minibus permits issued for all the above-mentioned destinations and yet these areas suffer because neither the Transport Authority or police or MTW inspectors sit on their asses and do nothing to enforce that these vehicles travel to the destinations involved?

This is bare shite and it’s getting bad especially in Speightstown.  Even when the police are in Speightstown, some officers do nothing because they are friends with the minibus men.

The people in Connelltown and Pie Corner and Josey Hill are planning to march and protest in front of Lashley’s office because he is too high and mighty to see the problems affecting northern commuters.

Also, please provide more lights on the bypass road in Speightstown.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Speightstown Commuters Suffering; Transport Board”

  1. Talk about the sturges route that had a couple minivans and them take them away now ya dont know when ya gine get home if ya don’t get a shorey or chalky mount bus. They say this is Wat progress look like.


  2. Something wants doin about that.it is wrong that mini buses only traveling as far as speightstown when in fact they are to travel further but our ministers will do nothen about it because more money for transport board buses which means more money for them to steal.


  3. MINISTER! Why are you holding your head for such s long time ! this is Month’s now and you wouldn’t let go of your head !Skipper!


  4. MINISTER Michael Lashley ! Servant Of the PEOPLE ! YOU and your Staff are doing a good Job , Of Patching the road’s in Quick time ! I have driven all through the Island and Seen a lot of the Monster’s Patched ! Still have a lot more Work to be done ! Outside (KFC) HASTINGS Have HUGE HUGE Hole’s ! Please attend Urgently ! KEEP IT UP Boy’s!


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