Troubled, minor Jamaican girl

Troubled 13 Year Old Posting on Social Media

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — THE seemingly troubled 13-year-old Jamaican girl, of yesterday’s fame, has posted more photos to social media.  This can (and should) be seen as a cry for help.

These latest photos show the minor smoking and also in school uniform.  People are speculating about who her parents are and they are also working to make sure the authorities are involved.

Naked Departure

Troubled 13 year old Jamaican girl
Troubled 13-year-old Jamaican girl

12 thoughts on “Troubled 13 Year Old Posting on Social Media”

  1. BACKWEH ! ! Bad Boyyy ! ! ! 2017

    YOU ! And Naked in this FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 alone I int getting burned Up! With Wanna today From My Beautiful Bajan Women ! ! Not ! Me and this Pelea Case . Wanna is to Bad John’s ! ! ! ! I holding my little Corner today
    My Granny Just gave me a Plate of Salt Fish and Rice ,I gine and eat , and Watch the Lick’s from ma Granny Kitchen table , next to de Larder ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016/17 Bad Man ////////


  2. BACKWEH! ! Bad Boyyy ,
    WATCH! Ya back , Ya , Say Bad Man BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Mad!
    But Bajan Women more Mad than Bad Man ! they Would Eat Ya RAW! ! ! ! If ya Keep troubling them Bad Boyyyyy 2017 ! ! ! ! ! !


    1. They would eat me raw if i was a married man..dem too luv to fack people husband and then complain. Like them think a man gine lef he wife, children and mortgage for a side hoe..


  3. BACKWEH i agree with you in a way, we cant turn a blind eye, we all now that the are 9 yr olds here having sex, we all know that there are big men sleeping in houses with school girls and the mothers see it as ok, some areas you pass at night after 11pm and see girls you know who are in school i mean under age girls out side with car men some of these men are taxi men too, and mothers inside with they men, once i saw a mother and daughter out side with two car men and the girl was at school, i can now tell you that since then the girl have two kids and the mother since breed for the father of her daughter first child, so ANONYMOUS dont see it as crying down, its real and it is here , you have fathers and sons mothers and daughters sitting and smoking weed together,, see right there the parents failed those kids, and i am sure that the mother of that same girl in jamaica failed her, she just action out what she see, mind you in jamaica aint easy,, teach the kids the right way


  4. Backweh y d u always on bajans case so?U mean to tell me that even tough this is pertaining to jamaica u still have to try to pull down barbados?U need christ


  5. I bet my head that the average bajan woman (due to the few responses to this post) is saying to themselves ” If he tekking care of she and giving she money and dont breed she i aint see nutting wrong wid it”


      1. I know de phuckers real good naked. Real RH good that’s why i seldom got anything good to say bout dem pun here.


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