John Boyce

Rampant Incompetence in the Ministry of Health

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SLOTHFUL BARBADIANS — Naked Departure has been discussing the issues of rampant incompetence in the Ministry of Health for at least a year now.  The radio shows (in the RADIO and SHOWS sections of this website) have highlighted the lack of medicines available to the patients of both the QEH and the Psychiatric Hospital.  Barbadians only are accountable when “shit hits the fan” and serious lost of Life, Limb or property is the only alternative.

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Stop being SYCOPHANTS and kissing the asses of these elected officials, who do nothing to alleviate your pains and sufferings.  Barbadians, you have nothing because seek nothing.  You have marginalized yourselves, by way of only thinking about your here and now, and not your futures.  Barbadians, you have become as slothful as your Trinidadian neighbors, only interested in a nice outfits, fancy hair and nails, for the men as many women as you can have sex with and impregnate, and your rambunctious music.

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The business of a country is its “Business.”  Those who deal in the wickedness of self-indulgence, familial degeneration and caustic societal woes, are the deliverers of devastating social decay to our Island home.  We as Barbadians do not need political manifestos from the political parties in Barbados, what bajans need are social and spiritual MANIFESTOS, akin to systematic changes for generations yet to be born. Barbadians need to RETOOL, REALIGN, and RETHINK their place in the global societal model. Ignorance is no excuse on the global landscape in this century.

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It is very possible that Barbados, a country that possess’ no definable natural resources, could very well find itself in the position of ‘HAITI” in this century, if Barbadians do not retool themselves.  No longer can bajans have a nonchalant attitude towards communal, national and world matters.  The storm of malaise which has invaded the mindsets of Barbadians, has incapacitated a once formidable people, laying them to waste.

Self inflicted psychological wounds, and debilitating bad judgement, relative to financial matters,child rearing decisions and maintaining cohesive family structures, only act precipitously to catastrophize our national identity.  As Barbadians we must act expeditiously to expiate ourselves from this climate of social discord.  Any opening into a change in national psyche will do, and “Pride in Industry” can truly be hoisted and be emblematic of all that Barbados is.   Victor Callender

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Rampant Incompetence in the Ministry of Health”

  1. The Ministry of Health as it relates, to level of importance, is most heralded because of the fact that any occurrences of mistakes, result with Barbadians in body bags. It is infeasible therefore, to have an incompetent individual like John Boyce at the helm of the Ministry of Health.


  2. Point well taken, I assumed that Barbados’ reading population were both literate and satiric. My intent is never to not communicate with the masses. However, if we constantly aim for mediocrity, and aim not to reach the stars, whether by the intense power of word associations or by avid reading, we do ourselves a disservice.


  3. Victor I like ya post good and every thing you said I’d true Only thing Victor ya speaking to the nation,s people don,t use word like ya is fupdel break down ya words


    Incompetent of the Entire Government ! HOSPITAL Doctor’s & Nurse’s Killing Off POOR Barbadians everyday , feeding them with the drug’s of death, Cheap inferior Drug’s from INDIA & GUATEMALA knowing full well the drug’s are toxic and Poisonous to One’s Life .


  5. Its not only the ministry health!!!!! Government agencies across the island are falling apart & seem to held together with duct tape…


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