James Husbands Criminal CEO of both Solar Dynamics and Claytone

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JAMES HUSBANDS — Hi Naked, this is another criminal who has used his old boys network to get away with defrauding his staff and their NIS.

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James Husbands CEO of both Solar Dynamics and Claytone was highlighted previously among others in the Sunday Nation Newspaper for owing the NIS hundred of thousands $$$ going back for years and ongoing.  Not for one, but for both companies.

What this means is that he had been taking NIS payment from staff of both companies he owned and not paying it in, using for his own purposes.  This happened for many, many years.

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He must have been getting help from someone within the NIS Department to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars of his staff’s money at both companies.

As a former employee, I can tell you this man was a tyrant and very dishonest with dealings with staff whilst having sexual relations with several female staff.

When complaints were lodged at Labour office who know this man only too, too well, they never went anywhere and he was able to do as he please probably giving officials kickbacks and favours.

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Barbados is a cesspool and needs badly cleaning.  Anonymous

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The Fatherless Generation

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WE ARE the fatherless generation, we are the sons and daughters of men who have rejected and scorned us.  We are the children who were looking for a father but he was gone.  We are the children of miseducated/undereducated men.  We are the children whose dreams were never established.  We are the children who suffer in silence without a voice.  We are the children who pray to a god hoping one day he’ll hear us.

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We are the children who never reach our full potential.
We are the children who society rejects.
We are the children who are misunderstood.
We are the children who can barely smile.
We are the children who don’t understand love
We are the children who fake it to get by daily.
We are the children who find power in the illusions
We are the children with uncontrollable rage.
We are the children who have speech impediments.
We are the children who misbehave in school.
We are the children who hardly speak in school.
We are the children who see no reason for school.
We are the children who see no hope in the future.
We are the children who see no hope in life.
We are the children who operate on a low vibration.
We are the children whose role models are in the music we listen to and TV programs.

We are the children who occupy the prisons.
We are the children of men who create angry mothers who take out their frustration on us.
We are the children of men whose mothers prostitute us due to the lack of aid from these men.
We are the children of men who allow us to be used as tools to be manipulated.
We are the children of men who recreate a dysfunctional society and blame everyone but themselves.
We are the children of a society of boys parading around as men.
We are the fatherless generation, full of fury and hate for each other that we would destroy each other before we build because the “builders of society” only taught us how to recreate a system of dysfunction and chaos through their absence in our lives.  Anonymous

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Ken Hoyte, MY962

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KEN HOYTE — Dear Naked, this is about Ken Hoyte, vehicle #MY962 from Chefette.  I did some investigating about the said same issue with the gas and it being stolen.  Naked, I was wrong, it wasn’t gas, it was drugs.

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He used the company car to collect it and then transfer it to his car.  I now have to find out if he is working for Ryan Haloute or if he is just using the company vehicle to do his dirty work and at the same time tarnish Chefette’s name like how he tried tarnishing Sagicor’s name.

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Naked, this man likes fast money so be careful he don’t setup Haloute place to get rob cause he ain’t easy.  Nowhere ain’t want he working at them.  Of all places Haloute hire he and I wonder why?  Anonymous

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If Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu, why not Thieving Carrington, et al.?

MIDDLE EAST (Naked Departure) — ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned by police at his official residence Monday about gifts he received from an American billionaire and other foreign businessmen, Israeli media reported.  The questions focused on allegations that Netanyahu and his family unlawfully took gifts and other favors from business figures in Israel and abroad, in breach of his position as a public official.

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IF THE ISRAELI Prime Minister can be questioned by the police for allegedly receiving gifts, why can’t Michael Carrington and other corrupt ministers in little, insignificant Barbados be put under the same microscope?    Naked Departure

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Melville Bruce and his two front teeth

TRINIDAD (Naked Departure) — MELVILLE BRUCE — A gardener who went to court carrying the two front teeth he lost after being hit in the face with the handle of a hoe, yesterday expressed disappointment when told the case against the defendant had been dismissed over five months ago.  Melville Bruce, 68 of Moruga, was unaware the case came to an end. He showed up before the Princes Town Magistrate’s court yesterday awaiting the continuation of the matter.  His teeth were in his pants pocket. Both were placed in a clear, plastic bag.  They were pulled out as he appeared before senior magistrate Maria Busby Earle-Caddle.

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Bruce was seated in the courtroom awaiting his case. The magistrate had however come to the end of the matters for the morning and asked if there was anyone whose case had not been called. Bruce stepped forward.

He explained that he was told his court date was in January after he heard the wrong date at a previous court hearing. Bruce said he tried getting in contact with the charging officer but the sergeant in charge of the station where this officer worked told him the charging officer was on injury leave after he was bitten by a prisoner and would return to work at the end of this month.

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The grandfather of eight told the magistrate he (Bruce) had in his possession “all my evidence”. He pulled his teeth from his pocket. The magistrate explained that the grievous bodily harm charge against his alleged attacker was dismissed on July 5 2016. The magistrate said the case had come to an end and there was nothing she could do. She however advised Bruce to bring his matter to the attention of the Police Complaint’s Authority, the Director of Public Prosecution or that he retain an attorney. Bruce said he would speak to a lawyer.

Outside the court, Bruce showed the report he made to the police of the alleged attack, his medical reports, x-ray of his foot and pictures of his left foot in a cast. He also displayed his teeth. He told reporters that he felt terrible. “I was waiting for justice and my justice has slipped by.”

He recalled the February 7 2015 alleged incident saying he was scheduled to give evidence against the man who allegedly attacked him after the man was accused of destroying the crops of a fellow farmer.  Bruce said he was called a “maco”.  He said days after he was named as a witness he was speaking to his farmer friend in her yard, “She said, watch out, and a hoe handle hit me on my left eye. I fell and was hit on the head ….. I start to pray and asked God to open my eyes and I saw the wood coming down on my face.  The wood hit my teeth.”  Bruce said he was also beaten on his left foot. He spent three weeks in the hospital. Steel was inserted in his foot.

Bruce however has not given up hope that he will get justice.   (Source: TrinidadExpress)

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Sugar Production NOT the Economy of the Future says Winston Jordan

GUYANA, SOUTH AMERICA (Naked Departure) — A COUNTRY that has bountiful land and natural resources is saying that the continued reliance on primary production and the overall performance of its traditional sectors, it is not likely to build a resilient economy by the next General and Regional Elections in 2020.

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Flaterring Maxi dress from $7.95 Shop NowWinston Jordan, finance minister, says that unless Guyana is prepared to move away from sugar as they know it, into value added and take opportunities available in Caricom markets, but more particularly Brazil once they can get a road going there, then the nation cannot expect a sudden turnaround in the way the economy responds to external shocks.

Wow! New Designed Dresses!The Finance Minister said that Guyana would have to move away from primary production into the next stage of the value chain.  He said it would also require that the Government put in place climate resilient infrastructure and practices.  “We just won’t move from 50 years of doing the same thing into resilience. It has to be diversified and it has to be green and withstand shocks that are ever present when you are involved in primary production.”  He continued, “Even if you were able to produce all the sugar you desired, we would have trouble because we don’t have a captive market anymore.  We have to go out there and hustle like everyone else.  At no time, certainly in the post-independence period, were we able to produce sugar at a price that could have competed on the international market.”  Jordan added, “We always need some form of protection along the way.  We had a long protection under the European Union artificial price which allowed us to stay in it for a very long time and perhaps it was a good or a bad thing.  “It perhaps was a bad thing in the sense that, were we forced to adjust using international prices as our benchmark then who knows; we might have been a different sugar entity today.”

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It appears, however, that the new government is determined to change the way in which sugar production is done in Guyana.  Thousands of workers within the sugar sector will soon know their fate, as a Cabinet subcommittee has finally finished drafting its recommendations on the way forward with the industry.   (Source: Kaieteurnews)

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Michelle Gay

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MICHELLE GAY –Naked, please help me.  This woman Michelle Gay is causing me huge problems in my relationship.  I found text messages in my man’s phone from this woman begging him to f******** her.  I asked him about it and he said he only f********* her once.

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Naked, this is  the same woman who was married to Richard Haynes, destroyed his life and gave him a jacket baby.  Tino Best, who is her current man, said the child is his and that he would never marry her because she is a w******.  He is f***** my cousin’s friend who still goes by his house.

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Michelle has also f***** his friends and cousin too.  She doesn’t even raise her own children.  Naked, this woman is a nuisance.  She needs to be stopped before something happens to her.  One day she will mess with the wrong person.  Anonymous

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Roy Morris and his Twisted Affairs

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROY MORRIS — Naked, small d*****kie “Roy Morris,” needs to stop shoving foreign objects up in he bo*****sie and having to go to private physicians for them to take them out.

The man does b****l himself and have private doctors make house calls to remove the stucker uppers.  Plus, he also has herpes (allegedly) that flares up real bad sometimes.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Frank Belgrave - Herpes
Frank Belgrave – Herpes

Like Father Like Son and the Nation News in Shambles

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, some managers at the Nation Newspaper should be sent home for doing nothing.  Valerie Hope that unfair African who daily talk the staff name with Paulette Jones.  Margaret husband better known as greasy spoon don’t have a clue about HR matters.  Rhener should have her position.  Noel Wood a nuisance.  His daughter is so stupid.  Adrian who just get circulation manager is a fair person.  Roy Morris should be home.  Toni Yarde is the editor in chief.  Geralyn Edward should changed her name to Ms Hitler.  Her husband left her years ago.  She is Roy Morris’ sister.  She is a very wicked person just like her f **king brother.  Both are very unkind to the staff.

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The morale here is very low.  The former CEO Anne Gittens did her damage and gone, you don’t see nor hear from her.  The new CEO Anthony Shaw is trying his best but have some cut throats in the editorial department.  Like Toni Yarde and Roy Morris.  Eric Smith don’t get involved.  Tim Slinger dem hate he.  Recently Edmund Holder, Marva Lokai and Veetland Smith retired.   Will they bring in new staff or they are going to fu**ing kill the few they have?

With Marva gone, please don’t put the Rasta girl at customer service desk.  Another thing, the nation is a sick building.  As soon as some of we get to work we get headaches.  The press should never be where it is located.  Almost all the people who died had cancer.  Hope that’s not the case with Yvette Best.  Always at home sick.  Well until she at work.  No voice while at work.

Where is the environmental report.  We need to hear about it.  Naked, it’s a dog eat world at the nation.  We are all part of the BWU with two reps Pamela Belle Cutting and Des Roach Holder.  They are trying but Roy don’t like the BWU and would do anything to get rid of the union, but he don’t have no more fu**ing clout.  Anne Gittens never wanted him back at the nation and refused to re-introduce him.

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No wonder he wife Cheryl left him and gone to Canada.  His weird son Rafeik, no one in hear nutting more bout the gun and rape charge he was on.  Nobody in even hear nutting more bout the rape charge Roy was pon (like father like son).  Yet he bout hey giving memos if ya mek a mistake.

I dun know dem gine read all of dis because Naked does get more readers dan the nation.  Wanna does pay me but wanna want exposing.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Orlando Crichlow Thieving Accountant

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ORLANDO CRICHLOW — Naked, this one is out of the books for frauds.  Wherever this criminal works he creates mayhem and division.  He is known among many businesses on the island for cooking the books and defrauding.

Ebay DiscountsHe is so dishonest that he married and the woman left him less than a year when she realized how dishonest and small minded he was.

He is always in the church but lies to women to try to screw them.  Always trying to find fault in others but he is an accounting master of theft and deception.

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Beware of this fraud and conman.   Anonymous

Naked Departure