James Husbands, Solar Dynamics

James Husbands Criminal CEO of both Solar Dynamics and Claytone

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JAMES HUSBANDS — Hi Naked, this is another criminal who has used his old boys network to get away with defrauding his staff and their NIS.

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James Husbands CEO of both Solar Dynamics and Claytone was highlighted previously among others in the Sunday Nation Newspaper for owing the NIS hundred of thousands $$$ going back for years and ongoing.  Not for one, but for both companies.

What this means is that he had been taking NIS payment from staff of both companies he owned and not paying it in, using for his own purposes.  This happened for many, many years.

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He must have been getting help from someone within the NIS Department to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars of his staff’s money at both companies.

As a former employee, I can tell you this man was a tyrant and very dishonest with dealings with staff whilst having sexual relations with several female staff.

When complaints were lodged at Labour office who know this man only too, too well, they never went anywhere and he was able to do as he please probably giving officials kickbacks and favours.

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Barbados is a cesspool and needs badly cleaning.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “James Husbands Criminal CEO of both Solar Dynamics and Claytone”

  1. James husband is one Barbados oldest fraudster he is very nasty when it come to businesses, he have or had a house down holders hill he approach me about repairing this house this house was in badly need of refurbishment material was to be brought and workers paid from my pocket
    we came to an agreement on what was to be done time frame and cost work was finished in 5 months on time ,Mr Husbands visit the job sight 3 time a week he contacked me and let me know how he had liked work .l give him a jobs if i may say so myself i beleave in giveing nothing but my best , i got a couple more jobs off that said job from people passing and like the job ,I have not told no one what that job cost me to date too embarrass to say and have not got a cent from Mr Husband but a valuable lesson. I was compelled to write after reading Adviser experience.


  2. His wicked ways will soon catch up to him . Claytone has closed down already and i feel its only a matter of time before the other business does the same.


  3. I can attest to everything this person has said this man is a fraud I charge this man $5,000 for a job when the job was finished he give me $1,000 I asked him what happened he look at me ask me what I mean I said what is 4000 is he said I told him I told him 1000 he will never agree to pay me 5000 he’s a thief


  4. James is a true true criminal robbing his own black people to get ahead and treating the ones he is not in their panties like shit.

    Another arrogant and deceitful jackass.


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