Orlando Crichlow

Orlando Crichlow Thieving Accountant

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ORLANDO CRICHLOW — Naked, this one is out of the books for frauds.  Wherever this criminal works he creates mayhem and division.  He is known among many businesses on the island for cooking the books and defrauding.

Ebay DiscountsHe is so dishonest that he married and the woman left him less than a year when she realized how dishonest and small minded he was.

He is always in the church but lies to women to try to screw them.  Always trying to find fault in others but he is an accounting master of theft and deception.

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Beware of this fraud and conman.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Orlando Crichlow Thieving Accountant”

  1. This loser was using the church to fack one of my friends. When she found out how lying he is she dump his miserable deceitful ass.


  2. @ Thomas Harris

    Not surprised you are defending Orlando Crichlow same way you defend your brother Peter Harris birds of a feather flock together.


  3. Must have a word with Orlando the next time we meet at golf. He must not take on these lies that character assassination like to post here on ND. I’ll pray that the Good Lord gives Orlando strength at a time like this.


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