Heather Murray is Either in Love with Rupert Clarke or Supplying Girls for Sex

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — HEATHER MURRAY — The more you read about this woman, the more you are seeing love and/or devotion and/or vested concerns.  No one would/should do these things for a man who has a wife and which said wife should be taking care of such things for her husband.  As embarrassing and damaging raping a child is, Heather Murray is all over Rupert Clarke and his troubles, protecting him from photographers and trying to get him out of jail!  Why?


Rupert Clarke was caught red handed and arrested for raping an underage child who attended the school Heather Murray is the Principal of, Hampton School.  At his bail hearing for raping that child, the principal of the school, not Clarke’s wife, was there showing loving support and signing paperwork on behalf of Rupert Clarke’s bail and for his release.  Why would a principal do that?

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Now, either she is in love with Mr. Clarke, or she was supplying him with girls for sex, aka sex trafficking.  Because this is NOT normal.  How would she have known when the bail hearing was going to be held, unless she was acutely involved with the man?  She’s all in his business.  Why would she inquire about where to go to volunteer to sign paperwork for the alleged rapist to be back out on the streets?  Whose money or property was going to be put up to secure the bail?  Hers?  Where is the man’s wife and his extended family?  Why is the principal of the school acting on his behalf?

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Heather Murray should be FIRED and investigated for criminal activities at the school.  Children at her school should be questioned.  Your children are not safe around that horse-yellow-tooth b*tch!  She should be given a lie detector test to find out just what her involvement is with Rupert Clarke.  We want to know if she was supplying him with girls or if she’s having an affair with the man.

Either way, she’s not fit to be around children!  Naked Departure

Bradly Phillips and Andre Gulstone

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  BRADLY PHILLIPS and ANDRE GULSTONE — Naked, I want you to warn the whole of Barbados about these two men here.  Talking about dry wall and maintenance.  Ma…

Source: Bradly Phillips and Andre Gulstone

Shanita Mayers Left us High and Dry!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, Shanita Mayers striked once more.  The sixth of January was the last of her Flow contract and she got away with every red cent she owe SM Communications staff.  Now listen, some of the staff went to the CEO and some went to the Nation.  The article was in the paper December 23rd 2016.


No payments for staff NIS not paid.  When contacted, Shanita said to the Nation as far as she know everything was up to date with the staff.  Naked this is a downright lie.  Shanita is a bold-face UGLY liar.  Ok, you don’t owe the staff anything why the staff was at the office Thursday and Friday all day waiting on cheques. You and Jason said you would be there now explain.  You feel people are dogs or lil children?  Most of the f***king staff older than you.  You mean to tell me nobody around you can tell you that you are wrong.  Yah mother, sister, friends, Theo, Jason.  Nobody yah mean nobody can tell this 24-year-old girl who what she is doing is wrong.

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I had the chance to look at the file which FLOW send to check I mean she owe the staff hundreds of $$$$$.  The file has exactly what the staff put in what they gave the customer when the customer got installed and then the month they paid SM Communications.  So for example: John Brown 422-0000 new landline internet new broad band flow then have paid SM Communications in June/February or whatever month they paid her in.  Now tell me why if FLOW can go that far to send a file like this to the staff why can’t Shanita Mayers pay the staff.  We all know you were paid.  Even who was blinded by your lies had open there eyes and can see the light.  When are we going to get our outstanding payments??

Unemployed, frustrated, hungry staff and children.  That’s what we are.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

 Zonnel aka De Skin Witch 

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  Naked, I brought a bleaching cream from that vampire night crawler one name Zonnel or zoebarbie that live by de Pine.  I message she and ask she bout de creams as I hear people saying she is got de good bleaching creams.  But I was going to choose between she and one I see that one Coco is use.  She compare hers to what that big unkept one Coco is be using on he Ig and say Coco one isn’t no good.


Lo and behold, it was a nightmare, this toxic stuff I brought from Zonnel.  First off Zonnel house nasty, it like a filth trap but I say ok don’t mind that this cream got to be wukkin cause she look like sain ya could only see with night vision goggles in de day or furthermore in de night.

Naked, this witch potion she make cause that is de best words to call it do so much damage to my skin.  First I get blisters and de doctor tell me the person handling this got to have herpes cause these blisters come from herpes virus.  Then ma skin start getting dark spots this magical foolishness I buy from she started doing the opposite from what she claim for it to be doing.

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You would believe I went to wash my face clip and my skin ripped, yes I  said it ripped.  When I took it to the ministry of health to do a spectrum analysis the findings come back that it have bacterial in it and fecal matter.  Zonnel, you is a demon and a witch and liar and a fraud may god deal with you to suit.  I will never use bleaching creams again.  Miss Mavis granddaughter.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Women Raping Boys in Barbados; Laws of Protection

BARBADOS/UNITED KINGDOM (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, I am trying to find out if Barbados has a law on women raping boys (meaning women are the sexual offenders).  I believe you Bajans should have laws about this and I looked on the internet but I can’t find anything.


If you know or have the means to find out, please let me know because if they don’t have a law protecting boys from grown women, no justice will be had.  How can there be no justice for little boys?

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There need to be laws where the abuse took place and so that victim can find justice.  If I had any other way to find out, I won’t write.  Please help me.  Thank you.  Jade Walker

Naked Departure

A Place where Heart Disease, Cancer and Autism almost don’t EXIST!

THE AMISH (Naked Departure) — CHILDREN are not born with autism.  It appears during infancy or childhood and is brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above.


The Amish, due to religious beliefs, opt out of all vaccines and are not part of American scientific experimentation.  As a result, autism, heart disease and cancer is rare (almost non-existent) in their communities.   Naked Departure

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Employees at Axite Global having Nervous Breakdowns!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AXITE GLOBAL (Keith Perkins and David Bowen) — Naked, there is this company in Barbados, Axite Global, that owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to people.  Imagine, they enticed close to a hundred people from well-paying jobs to a cramped up, poorly ventilated room in Kay’s House Roebuck Street in June last year.  They provided daily lunch, the only thing that was honored on the contracts.  Full benefits, company vehicle, travel allowance, cell phones and full payment of ALL expenses like mortgages, credit card and other hire purchase payments.   Seven months on and nothing.


The heads of this ‘company’ Keith Perkins, along with David Bowen who retired from the Central Bank has the staff who remain afraid to ask about their money.  After they got put out of Kay’s House they/we’re lodging in a house in Grazettes that an employee lives in but word is they have to leave too.

After an article was printed in the paper last September about Axite Global who claim they opening a bank, real estate, car dealership, finance companies, buying aeroplanes and even wanted to force staff to open offshore accounts in Nevis so they won’t have to pay taxes in Barbados and Cook Island Trust accounts. All of this, and have yet to pay current or past staff.

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Who didn’t have nervous breakdowns, lost or losing their home or vehicles, in financial ruin or homes were broken up.  All because these two mealy mouth, lying, thieving, manipulative men name Keith Perkins and David Bowen.  David spending all of his money in there while Keith walking about with empty pockets, musty clothes and cold in his eyes, still the asses that there believe in his ‘dream’ of financial wealth and his paradigm shift bullshit.

Anybody who doesn’t conform is seen as negative.  The man makes people Executives on a whim and if they get on his bad side, he fires them or demotes them.  For a man who claim to be able to pay the government debt 10 times over with money left back, the people still can’t get a cent.  Every day it is a different excuse, either the central bank holding up the transaction or the Bank in England or Solomon islands or where ever holding up the transaction, or they asking for more documentation and all sorts of thing.  It is beyond imagination why people still there.


Even the two lawyers Gregory Nicholls and Wayne Clarke who acting as a Magistrate took a fast exit as they were contacted by a reporter before the expose’ was released last september.  People still holding on hoping against hope that the money ‘comes through’ for them.  How stupid can some people get?

When will David Bowen stop spending his gratuity from Central Bank and profits from his other businesses to support Axite Global? When will they tell people that the supposed funders who are ‘surprise surprise’ from little old Bim isn’t giving them a cent? When will the remaining staff members who are following blindly take off they blinkers and learn sense?

Let’s hope when either Keith or David leave the island, they don’t skip it entirely, Keith especially seeing that he has ties to Trinidad and Florida?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Evil People in my Family

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, at a family luncheon yesterday, I noticed that a female adult was abusing her grandchild.  She even used her long, fake and fungus-laden nails to feed the child.  Yes Naked, we watched as the child ate from her long, fungus nails which she turned up and used as a spoon.  The child was crying and we did nothing to help.


I looked around the table and noticed that other family members were hiding their faces.  Some pretended they didn’t see and some just buried their heads in their food to avoid witnessing the abuse.  With everyone acting in total denial, even though I wanted to speak, I was rendered silent!  I moved away and sat in the front house and it hit me that this is what happens to us…, as a people…, as a nation.  When so many act in total denial, it sucks the energy from the few willing to stand up!

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Well Naked, here is where your platform comes in.  I may have missed that opportunity to speak out yesterday, but I will make my voice known here, TODAY.

Patricia Carter, you will burn in a slow hell for the way you have abused your grandchild.  And to all the family members who stood by and pretended they didn’t see anything, shame on you all and same to you!  To the little angel in the making, I hope you find your way through this hard life.  You are in a loveless home, have a mother who hates you (but talks ish about everyone) and people around just waiting to ride your young bones.  It cannot be avoided because you live in Barbados.  But I hope you find the strength to live a life meant for an angel.  And I am sorry I didn’t bend that dirty, fake nail back and rip it off and slap your stinking grandmother in her evil, wicked face!!  Your aunt-Anonymous

Naked Departure

In Pain

BARBADOS/GOVERNMENT (Naked Departure) — Naked, I have a disability and can’t work.  I get a small pension from NIS.

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Can any of your writers tell me how to survive on this pension?  I pay taxes, food bills, pay for medication that the hospital is not giving free anymore and sometimes I have to hire a taxi to get around.  I am in great pain.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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Lead found in Jamaican Curry Powder

CONNECTICUT/JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — JAMAICAN CURRY POWDER has been recalled in the Unites States (state of Connecticut).

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The National Compliance Regulatory Authority (NRCA) has stated that ‘Jamaican curry powder’ being recalled by the Department of Health in Connecticut in the United States is not being sold locally.  The curry powder is produced by Oriental Packing Company and the NRCA says from its investigations, there is no indication that Oriental Packing is a local (Jamaican) manufacturer or distributor.  The recall, which was widely publicised last month, was reportedly triggered by the presence of lead in three of Oriental Packing’s products.

Bottom line is, you cannot trust the food you are purchasing and if there is a plan to kill you, food is the best buy or bye.   Naked Departure

Barbados’ Inhabitants Sudden Dead Syndrome! Shhh…Don’t Let the Tourists Know

BARBADOS/TOURISM (Naked Departure) — SUDDEN DEATHS — THERE’S an epidemic of sudden deaths in Barbados!  Barbadians are dropping dead all over the place and it is not all of a sudden.  This has been going on now for years!  And what do the officials do?  They keep everything under wraps because they don’t want to adversely affect their bottom line: foreign/tourist money!  Understandable?  But, what about the taxpayers?

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Barbados is under stress.  They need that US Dollar to exchange.  All news can’t be broadcast because we depend on the tourists money.  If you were a tourist, would you go to a country were its inhabitants are dropping dead?  NO!  So a meeting was called with the media to cut back on reporting on sudden deaths.  What I would advise is do like the Chinese, don’t eat Chinese food.

JNC-SHERATON: With all the health advice metered out to its customers, the ShakeShak drinkers are still dropping dead!  Stale/expired food products are used to make those shakes, because nothing goes to waste!

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CHINESE: With all the information about fake Chinese food out in the media, Bajans are still eating Chinese food and dropping dead!  Dogs, cats, frogs, plastics, etc.!

SWEET DRINKS: Since time immemorial, Bajan sweet drinks were too sweet and people are dropping dead!  Children are the new faces of diabetes.

Sylvester Trotman

BOLD FACE LIARS: No one in Barbados will tell you the truth!  They’ll as soon watch you drop dead.  Indifference!

What’s going on in Barbados?  Many think it’s in the water system (boil your water and you’ll see what settles in the bottom of your kettle.  That sediment must also attach to your gut/vital organs when you drink it.) and others strongly believe it’s the GMO imported foods.  Even in the USA, it is many times reported that sub-par foods are sent to/sold in black/poor communities.  This must also be expected to occur with foods imported into third world countries like Barbados.

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And as Barbadians are continuing to wake up, get dressed, head out to work and SUDDENLY DROP DEAD, no one is sounding the alarm!!  Public officials collect their paychecks and don’t want to be bothered with the sordid details!  Naked Departure

Roger McIntosh: Prison Officer Drops Dead at Bus Stop in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROGER MCINTOSH — News reaching Naked Departure is that a prison officer recently dropped dead at the bus stop in Barbados (Saturday night).  Reports are that they found him dead at the bus stop in Bydes Mill.  His death did not make the local news.  Sudden deaths are continuing but suddenly the newspapers have gone quiet.

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Police and health officials are slapping the mouths of reporters in Barbados shut!  They are under such control that they themselves have to call the police to ask permission to write some stories.  Truth, events and facts being made available to THE PEOPLE have nothing to do with reporting in Barbados.  If not for Naked Departure, Barbadians (who, admittedly, seem to like it so) would be clueless!

When we receive a photo and a name of the prison officer who recently died at the bus stop, we will update this blog.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  Name and photo received.  Thank you!  Naked Departure

Socks in the Pants Jason Kane aka Jason Barker

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JASON KANE aka JASON BARKER — Naked, I saw you posted on Jason Barker yesterday and I want people to know he is back on facebook under a fake name (Jason Kane) — you can’t hide boy.

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Please post the picture below so that Barbados could see what a classless douche this slut is.  Only attention seekers and bullers would put these kind of pics on social media and he happens to be both.


Yes, I will write in about you every week until you stop your nasty doings.  Naked gave this platform to air people like you out.  Only a stinking dog would put socks in his pants, squeeze up his legs and ask someone to take a photo with socks pushed to the side.  Naked, as you can see, he graduated from one pair of socks in his pants to about three pairs in this latest photo.  Bajans men are the dirtiest dogs in the dog pound!

Thanks ND!   Anonymous

Naked Departure