DEATH SENTENCE for Dylann Roof!

CHARLESTON, SC, USA (Naked Departure) — DYLANN ROOF — THE man convicted for the racially motivated mass murder in a South Carolina church, was just sentenced to death.


Roof walked to the podium less than 10 feet from the jury box with a yellow sheet of paper. He put it down and looked past jurors for about 30 seconds before beginning to read off the page.

Every juror looked directly at Roof as he spoke for about five minutes. A few nodded as he reminded them that they said during jury selection they could fairly weigh the factors of his case. Only one of them, he noted, had to disagree to spare his life.

“I have the right to ask you to give me a life sentence, but I’m not sure what good it would do anyway,” he said.

New Designed Dresses Up to 90% OffDylann showed little regret during his trial for murdering nine black worshipers during bible study at Emanuel AME Church back in June of 2015.  He walked into the church and shot the churchgoers in cold blood.

The 12 person jury deliberated just 3 hours before announcing the sentencing in which Dylann repped himself.

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “DEATH SENTENCE for Dylann Roof!”

  1. Wha we Bajan wannabe American historians saying about this. They always bragging about Barbados’s close link to red neck Charleston South Carolina. Well COW’s son,the plantation owner,got in some practice on some black belly sheep a few days ago.


  2. If he is not executed by the 20 January,he may be pardoned by the new President Donald Trump, and awarded a Congressional Medal.


  3. What good is a death sentence. All those lives destroyeddestroyed cannot be undone by his death sentence. Should let him rot in jail in confinement surrounded by images of the atrocities he committed


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