Natasha Forde and Errol Maynard

Natasha Forde a Firefighter? Where? When?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NATASHA FORDE — Naked, this is in regards to the article in the Sunday Sun about Natasha Forde, Firefighter of the Year.   Naked she works in the office in the fire prevention unit, so I am confuse.  See the fire truck MP485 that she posing next to?  Well it never ever went on the road, so how she can say that she drives it?  Things ain’t adding up.  How is she the Firefighter of the year and there were no other nominations?  Chief, show us the nominees in next week’s paper.  I want Gercine Carter of the Nation do a follow up to their fake story.  Tell me this wasn’t her birthday gift from the Chief.


Natasha accustom f**ping the firefighters but now since she has Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard there are benefits involved.  Don’t hide behind using her as your daily chauffeur, I know what you all up to.  Anyways, congrats Natasha, you f**ked the right fire officer this time, the Chief.  If she had deserved the award, I won’t even mind.  But how can someone who sits in her office most days and other days be driving around with Errol pretending to be his chauffeur so they can escape to their favourite guest house, be the firefighter of the year?  Tell me Chief.  I want answers.

Wow! New Designed Dresses!

Chief, does your wife know about her?  Does the church know about her?  It’s just a matter of time before she wrecks this marriage too.  You go girl, work that pu$$y.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “Natasha Forde a Firefighter? Where? When?”

  1. not surprises by this story    it was boldy said that that Natasha is a whore and people get vex but its true. she don’t drive no dam fire truck. but it seems that we have a lot of heat amongst us regardless of what you all may say right is right nomination should have been out. people gave of they time to train cadets  and recruits no mention made of them men went in houses burning building risk they lives not a single thank you we get.  so is she getting a salary increase as well cause a number of officers still waiting from May last year for event money they work and have not yet been paid.  why is it that no new clothes have been ordered answer theses for me people like to talk but a lot of shit happening and no one says anything. how is it that a man now make chief and all his staff want him to retired. That’s why his staff so takw a look foe e.g at the famous maid sisters Tracy and Jennifer Goddard that foop out half the service actually up until a few years back Tracy py was the meat of choice at st john station the men used to lick that back the two of them does clean more hose than anything else. what about the men that bring women to the station at night  or park out in the car park married men have they women in jeeps, cars and taxi walking in through the back gates arriving to get fed  on the truck car park recreational room,  in the yard  when the  lights go  at  most these stations how it that a certain married man had a woman drive on the compound and sleep at the station and no one said a word. how is it that men does come work like they going to wwe’d grass as untidy as ever no one says a word supervisors that cant lift a hose up for promotion and unfit as fxxk but will get position because of time but lazy and cant  run a shift. but a woman give away her p****y and we all get vex all this talk about getting fired lots of men will have to go home. the men love and take pride in they jobs and never fail to turn up fire accident name it we there, but fairness need to prevail


  2. There are some very disgruntled Fire Persons who would go to any length to discredit the same Fire Service of which they are members of. I recall a very lengthy despicable blog in the ** **** a while ago which pulled every fireman to bits , excluding those who were of like mind.


  3. Hmm there seems to be a burning issue here (pun intended ) what’s really going on I read this article with a chuckle. Come on I want to hear the rest of the story pleas don’t water it down lololol


  4. Why were you not nominated? She is well deserving of the award she received. We work among her and know of her work ethics. You better careful it ain trace and we find out who you are and you loose you job. sit to shit down and chill. Forde continue to work and let the haters hate. You on the other hand maybe you should get a chauffeur.


    1. give jack his jacket… she worked her pussy well. the problem is they where NO other nominees… btw it’s lose not ‘loose’ keep off d page if ya cant understand what the story is saying


  5. Sir ! You Could have dealt with this differently by being Professional on the Job & rewarded the Young Lady in a different Manner, rather than by
    Promotion , Gift’s etcetera not within the Work Place ! This is the Result’s of Poor Judgment !


  6. CHIEF ! ! ! Ya here what your Faucking Staff Said, NOW answer the Faucking QUESTION’S ??? Boss Mannnnnnnnn Please ! ! !


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