Grenville Phillips, Solution Barbados

Peter Harris’ New Political Party, Solutions Barbados?

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — SOLUTIONS BARBADOS (new political party – Grenville Phillips, II) — Naked, is this Peter Harris’ political party?  Does he own this political party?  Barbados sorely needs new, serious, honest leaders, but not if the whole party and members are funded and owned by destructive, greedy, unethical business people like Harris.

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Harris has been manipulating and bribing everyone as a stepping stone to monopolizing the health care system and owning the transportation system in Barbados as well as controlling the judiciary through destruction, politicians and government ministers.  Grenville Phillips, II, is the perfect patsy for Harris to use?  Is Grenville still sitting on the board of directors at CGI Insurance.  These are questions that need to be asked and issues thoroughly investigated about this new political party.


It would be refreshing getting rid of both nasty Freundel Stuart and Mia Mottley and their gangs of retarded, blighted and intellectually challenged retards, but not to be replaced with a shady character like Harris in the background acting as the real prime minister pulling the strings of puppet politicians and government ministers, to the detriment of Bajans.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

22 thoughts on “Peter Harris’ New Political Party, Solutions Barbados?”

  1. Dear All:

    For clarity. I was not denouncing any relationship with Peter Harris or denouncing his company. I was simply stating, as fact, that he is not associated, in any way, with Solutions Barbados, in response to a contrary assertion.

    For the record, I went to school with him, but to my knowledge, we do not share the same social or professional circles. However, from all of my subsequent but limited interactions with him, he has only demonstrated responsible behaviour during those interactions.

    I have lived long enough to see innocent people unfairly criticised. Therefore, unless there is incontrovertible evidence, I tend to interpret any evidence against a person in a way that is favourable to that person – sort of innocent until (incontrovertibly) proven guilty. I tend to treat companies in a similar manner. It would be useful to remember Solomon’s warning.

    “He who tells his story first makes people think he is right, until the other comes to test him.” (Proverbs 18:17 NLV)

    Best regards,


  2. Grenville and his father carries the same name, it’s being said on another blog that it’s his father aligned with Peter Harris and CGI Insurance as director, so why not just say so Grenville, having your father’s name does not necessarily mean you are aligned with that beast Harris, we still want to know who is funding Solutions.

    And if your father was or is a director of CGI, tell the people, no one can attack you for that unless they learn differently.


  3. Grenville is vehemently denouncing any relationship with Peter Harris, I would not want to be publicly attached to such a criminal either, but as you are claiming full disclosure and said you can be asked any question, who are your financial backers, every political party needs backers.


  4. Thomas Harris dont get me started your brother uses slimy lawyers and doctors to lie on, haunt, terrorize, taunt and cause great suffering to injured claimants for years, using the Barbados Supreme Court.

    Grenville Phillips sat on the board of directors at CGI Insurance and is well aware of what is done to injured people and policyholders at CGI by Peter so do not get me started.


  5. The lead question here is, seeing as both Grenville Phillips and David Simmons have sat on the board of directors at CGI Insurance, a fact that neither of them obviously can’tdispute, where will Simmons and Phillips get all this power from to make one phone call and lock up people for their opinions and for calling out liars and frauds on a blog as posted by Thomas Harris,, that is the question to be answered by Grenville when he is trying for damage control and distancing himself from that toxic relationship with Peter Harris.

    Here is Thomas Harris threatening post while actually calling the name of an innocent man, in this instant, the much maligned by Thomas Harris, Malcolm Grant:

    “Thomas Harris
    JANUARY 11, 2017 AT 11:56 AM
    0 0 RATE THIS
    The Truth aka Malcolm Grant, you go ahead calling powerful names here. Simmonds and Phillips could put your ass in jail forever, with just a single phone call. Carry on. Grant aka The Truth has nothing but a bunch of invented lies on the Harris family. He sits down and dreams up these tall tales. What a sick MF. I’m beginning to think that no amount of praying can save him.”


  6. Dear Naked Departure:

    Please be advised that Peter Harris is neither a candidate, advisor, nor is in anyway associated with Solutions Barbados. Please contact us if you need any clarification or additional information on this or any other matter. Of course, we expect that you will facilitate the vetting of our candidates once we reveal them.

    Sheri, we welcome your views of any of our published policy solutions on our website, so that they may be improved. You will find policies on the economy, corruption, agriculture, education, etc.

    Best regards


  7. Dear All:

    In response to the author’s question, we hereby confirm that Peter Harris is neither a candidate, advisor, nor is anyway associated with Solutions Barbados. You are free to ask any other questions and we will happily respond.

    Best regards


  8. Thomas Harris, is that why Phillips is being controlled by Peter Harris, head his little political party, to lock up people in Barbados who expose the Peter Harris criminal syndicate, is that why Peter Harris wants to own a whole government, is that why David Simmons jumped out recently talking about corruption in government, forgetting how corrupt he himself is in the destruction of the supreme court for greed.

    But there is a saying, be careful what you wish for, man makes plans, but God makes decisions, I know none of you fear God, but you will.. So Peter wants to own a whole government to lock up black bajans and drive fear into their hearts by muzzling them to continue his crimes against the people, good luck winning the election while still having to hide the identity of the candidates

    . What are you planning to be in this new government Thomas, Minister of Pedophilia..


    1. Oh please, you are like one of the victims of Harris, afraid to fight back, but always behind your hand talking about what he does on the island, useless coward.

      I owe Harris nothing, not one of his victims and can keep exposing him all the time, because he continues to be a dishonest thief.


  9. Grave news; in knowing the fact that Peter Harris is mentioned/involve in a situation where people were saying – yes; another option from DBLP then to realize you may be falling into the hands of one of the biggest crooks in Barbados.

    @ The truth, that list of PH haters are much much longer.


    1. I know Trevo1, Thomas Harris’ brain is too coke addled to remember all the enemies Peter accumulated. Peter hires lawyers to terrorize other people, but do so dont like so and his useless little slaves with their weak, feeble minds cannot handle me, be warned.


  10. Thomas Harris, you crawled out of your hole, you really got it bad for this Malcolm Grant, from that long list of enemies Peter Harris made and that you posted remember, why are you singling out this Malcolm Grant.

    Let me refresh your memory, it’s your list Thomas.

    “Thomas Harris
    DECEMBER 9, 2016 AT 8:47 PM
    SOME of the A who post on ND, who either pretend to to our faces to like the Harris family or downright hate us. They are all a bunch of losers:
    Pat Cheltenham
    Richard Young
    Malcolm Grant
    Bruce Bailey
    Junior Campbell
    Jerry Thorne
    Owen Arthur (and his past due date supporters)
    David Estwick
    Wilfred Abrahams
    Tony Hoyos
    Jerry Emtage
    Adrian Deane
    Tony Bryan

    We need to pray for ALL of them.”

    That is your list and in your sick deluded mind you invited the whole blog to pray for them you vicious little psycho. It appears this Malcolm Grant is the key to taking down Oeter Harris since you cant seem to get his name out of your head, although you posted a long list of enemies to choose from and I am sure the list of enemies Peter Harros accumulated with his wicked, decades long criminal acts is at least 10,000 times longer.

    Thomas Harris you cannot deny Grenville Phillips involvement with CGI Insurance, it’s on the record that he sat on the board of directors at CGI Insurance, anyone can access that information at Corporate Affairs in Warren, all of the past and oresent directirs are listed, including firmer chief justice the crook David Simmons, I have seen the list with my own eyes, so it’s no lie, that information was posted on the blogs more than once, so you are a liar to come on the blog saying their is no connection and Phillips is wasting his time trying to distance himself from Peter because he sat on the board of directors and had a hand in ruining the lives of injured claimants and CGI policyholders using the supreme court to refuse treatment and compensation to injured claimants.

    Grenville Phillips is not innocent and as it is with weak black bajan men, is owned by Peter Harris, whether he knowns it or oit or just in denial, he is owned, he is not his own man thinking independently.

    Ok, now you got my point, we cannot have that Thomas, not after all the evil things your brother Peter Harris has done to injured claimants, making them suffer, not paying for people’s injuries or medical treatment or their vehicles, destroying all equity in the transport board with personal injury cases backlogged in the supreme court for over 10 years, not after all the bribery and corruption Peter has had a hand in with government minsters of both political parties, both governments, he cannot now succeed in believing he can own a government and control a country.

    Bajans cannot be that stupid and I don’t think the greedy, foolish politicians from both politicals parties can be that retarded and useless as to let Peter Harris unseat and uproot all of them, although because of their own wicked actions over the decades, they will all be deserving of being capsized..

    The population cannot have Peter manipulating everything, the whole island through a puppet like Phillips, he would have to have balls of steel to think Bajans would not find out his involvement, we particularly cannot have a little psycho like you Thomas, in any leadership role in Barbados, even if it’s behind the scenes, it would be sacrilegious. .


    1. The Truth aka Malcolm Grant, you go ahead calling powerful names here. Simmonds and Phillips could put your ass in jail forever, with just a single phone call. Carry on. Grant aka The Truth has nothing but a bunch of invented lies on the Harris family. He sits down and dreams up these tall tales. What a sick MF. I’m beginning to think that no amount of praying can save him.


      1. Yeah, yeah, a 2×4 island, so muxh power I am shaking, because thieves, frauds and crooks deceive the people, that does not make them powerful, addled Thomas.


  11. This is OBVIOUSLY written by the THE TRUTH aka the red ni&&#r MALCOLM GRANT. Nasty propaganda and lies. Why the eff you don’t leave Peter Harris alone? You will get what’s coming to you, big time and soon. When it happens, you would not know what hit you and your bastard children. YOU ARE A NASTY MF!!! I’ll pray that when that day comes, you go forever and in peace.


  12. Is this true Thomas Harris, where are you to jump out defending, if this is true that political party is doomed by Peter and all the wrong things he has done to bajans for over 20 years.


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